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  1. Jackie55

    HTC Snap gets official WM6.5 update

    Hi.... Download the appropriate websites from HTC Websites and follow it correctly....
  2. Jackie55

    Mobile Modaco version

    Thanks for your queries... It's very simple to navigate from ur's to others...
  3. Jackie55

    T-Mobile users with slow internet

    Yeah.. You are Right..
  4. Jackie55

    SlideIT new version

    Hi.. You are right... A very good enhancements with a neat accessories....
  5. Jackie55

    Asus M930 officially unveiled

    I like M930 Smartphone.
  6. Jackie55

    Mini Lyrics Magic 1.36

    I am new to this forum after reading all i am very interested in this forum, i have got a lot of information, thanks guys.
  7. The Alexander is very nice.

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