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  1. Looks good. I've been using an Anker Battery in my Galaxy S2 and it has given me extra life. Bear in mind the one you have listed will make the phone thicker. The one I use doesn't require an extended rear cover
  2. Ok there has not been much going on here for a while, but I've still been collecting. 54000 points now, with plenty of payouts. There is a new unofficial app for collecting "Navizon Collectors Edition" available from http://www.bredo.nu/nced/ This collects a much larger number of points compared to the official Android app, and is on par with what cameraware used to collect on WM6.5 Back to earning some points :) If you don't know what Navizon is then see my sig
  3. A few days ago I picked up Anker battery x2 + charger Battery last longer than the stock battery.
  4. Acer ICONIA TAB A500 10.1-inch LED Tablet (nVidia Tegra 2 Dual cortex A9, 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, up to 8+ hrs Battery Life) - £349.99 Buy from Amazon UK
  5. Dropbox + dropspace app (in market) will allow this. Sync files to cloud from device 1, then it will download back to device 2. Also has benefit of being backed up to the cloud
  6. A reasonable priced pound for the S2 which will hold headphones aswell. Amazon - Kangaroo Pouch
  7. Worth it just for 6 months free internet. Yes I know you can top up a tmobile sim and get 6 months free internet for £20, but you can get £12 for the phone.. http://www.cash4phones.co.uk/mobile-details.aspx?p=2677 May have to grab one
  8. New year – new projects! We’re launching a new project called “Digital Dividend,” which has been kickstarted with the donation of over $13,000 in Nexus One handsets from Google Inc! Tag ID is deeply grateful for Google’s ‘in kind’ donation which will help change lives. What, then, does Tag ID intend to do with $13,000 worth of Nexus One handsets? We’ve had to keep it under wraps until now, but we can now reveal all. Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka’s largest development organisation, is working within villages there for people displaced by the recent Civil War. Our plan is to go to Sri Lanka and put Android handsets directly in the hands of Sarvodaya villagers. We are handing over “Tools for Education”, “A Window to Knowledge” and “Access to the World’s Information”. Empowerment – so exciting! The people on the East Coast of Sri Lanka have suffered terribly, Civil War, Tsunami, Flooding – it’s just been one disruption after another. You can help too! Do you, or does anyone you know have a spare Android handset or solar charger? We need to find 100 further used (but functioning) Android powered handsets and solar chargers from corporate and personal donors from the UK and Canada. Where possible, we will link you to the recipient via the handset and social media platforms, so you can stay in touch (you don’t have to though!). Maybe you’re a Sri Lankan expat in the UK and Canada and want to be part of this and connect in an entirely new way with your homeland? [email protected] if you can help us reach our target. [source: Tag ID Blog]
  9. [teaser] iDect have just released a new DECT home phone with a bit of a twist. It is running Android 1.6! It has all the expected features of a home phone with added advantages such as:- Auto-screen rotation between portrait and landscape orientation. Can access Micro SD card. Internet browser, contact manager and email client. MP3 music player, Picture viewer, calendar and internet radio. Widgets for RSS, news, weather and stock. Running at Android OS 1.6 with 256MB built-in memory. [/teaser] Telephone features: 300 name and number memories. Ringer volume control. Speaker volume control. Hands-free speakerphone. 20 ringtones. Up to 8 hours talktime. Up to 60 hours standby time. Up to 50m indoor range and up to 300m outdoor range. Up to 30m WiFi connectivity. 100 call log. Caller ID. Call transfer. Call waiting (dependent on service provider specifications). Call timer. Caller display. Last number redial. Mute function. Large 2.8in digital TFT touch screen display. Keypad lock on handset. Alarm. Clock. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) radio technology. Answer machine features: 1 pre-recorded message. 15 mins recording time. Message playback from base and handset. Personalised recording facility. General information: Batteries required 1 x rechargeable (included) Buy it now in Argos for only £99.99 Now the big question is what more can be done with this device! I am tempted to obtain one and have a play with it to see what it is capable of.
  10. Flashed mine last night. Ended up stuck on Dell logo! Removed battery and then booted. Same issue. Booted with vol keys pressed. Fastory reset. Rebooted with vol keys presses. Reflashed. All ok! Now to test it.
  11. @stephenjatdell: It's not 100%, but plan is to begin 2.2 OTA for unlocked EU Streaks on Monday (22/11). As with any plan this could change.
  12. Yes it is true, the most popular Facebook application, with 63 million active users and over 24 million Facebook application fans is coming to Windows Mobile 7 as a native application. Already used by more than 10% of Facebook users, this is a major coo for Microsoft, and will no doubt attract users to the platform.
  13. Michael Gillett from My Microsoft Life managed to get a hands on with a Windows Phone 7 at a Microsoft event in the UK. Now very little is known about this version, how it will integrate with the OS, the People Hub etc. Hopefully as the device get closer to launch we will find out more info for you. What do you think? Will it be better than Live Messenger for 6.x devices?
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