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  1. Did you try to call somebody in same time you listening music is supose to pause your player and make the call if is not doing that maybe is something wrong with the headset not with the Omnia I use a Sony stereo bluetooth and is working realy good I pairing with my Ipod to and when someone call me the music is stop and I hear the phone ringing in my ear. Look in the headset book maybe is some different setings to.
  2. Happened to me after 3 days I was thinking is the charger but was not send-it back for a replacement. Did you notice a burning smell on the back of the phone if is there that smell like a plasic burn or something like that you can send-it back is nothing you can do. PS: This problem doesn't have nothing to do with the upgrade of the ROM is a hardware problem. I flashed the new one 6 times now without any problem.
  3. Here is the link for all I have in my skin. http://rapidshare.com/files/160951264/Black_cool2.zip
  4. georo

    Unbranding Omnia

    Take a look here http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...en/#entry932427
  5. Depends on what you want if is M2D look here http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...eo/#entry931140 if is SPB Shell keep search.
  6. Is here Samsung_Original.zip
  7. Is not SPB is for M2D and I chage manualy:P_bg.png /Ani_Poweron.gif with the spalsh2.gif and in TouchLaunch/Skins/Manila2DBlue_background.png. Just rename the files from the zip with this files and replace them with the new ones. You don't have to change anything on Black Cool just apply the theme the others files is just to change the background under the Command Manager and TouchLauncher and also to change the startup image. For the startup please make a copy of your original one if you want to install back later. I try to put the skin here but is biger than 4MB but you can download from here look from BlackCool. Sorry sometimes is dificult for people to download from rapidshare but I can't do nothing about-it. Black_cool2.zip
  8. I don't know why maybe the vodaphone set up les time for boot up than samsung mine is unbrandet I don.t know if is there a tweak to set up longer time for boot up maybe others here know more about-it.
  9. I post here to becuse many people is looking for skins and if you like-it to you can change this to. http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...tart-up-screen/
  10. I just playing with after effects and I make my own splash screen. If anyone like-it let me know and I will uploaded here. You have to click on the image to be able to see all frames. Update: Here it is. Unzip, synhcronize your omnia open Windows and look for same file as one I uploaded make a copy of your original one and paste somewere safe after that try to drag and drop my file in windows if ask to overight click yes and soft reset your phone you should see the new splash screen. If it not let you copy the file sometime if the file is read only didn't let you just drag & drop use Total Commander or Resco Explorer to copy the file in Windows. If you got error in Total Commander or Resco Explorer and says can not copy go in windows look for the file and push with your stylus on file for 2 seconds and go to properties and uncheck the box next to read only and exit. Try again to copy the file it should work fine. I asume you know all this but I write for others who may not know. Leave you opinion after you try-it. Update 2 One more Ani_Poweron.zip Ani_Poweron2.zip
  11. Sorry to hear that did you try few times or did you hard reset your phone? Try to hard reset your phone (you gonna lose all your files which you installed before) and try again.
  12. Thank you PaSSoA I will do that soon.
  13. Sorry man if this video didn't help you I don't know what to say. And this video it is for i900 and dosen't matter what ROM you have now.
  14. I am using XP with winblinds and the skin look like vista. I don't know why your phone is not power up when you push the power button and I think this is why is not reconize your phone.

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