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  1. click here for the roms - all in one upgrade from gen1 to gen2
  2. Kuteguy

    Your Top Android Phones.

    something I posted on hotukdeals ________ so as stated earlier, ordered my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sunday morning on £10.50/month 24-month contract - works out to be about £300 over 2 yrs including the phone, minutes and text played with it a little bit now (it is locked to o2! £14 to unlock) I have in my hands - a san francisco (AMOLED), Sony Ericsson Arc, and the G2 Firstly, let me say I am keeping the Samsung most likely. But its the least favorite of the phones - however, it has the most advanced technology - so will keep it. San Francisco - best phone by far of the three (AMOLED). Feels GREAT (I have used it for the last 6-odd months). Display is SUPERB - the best of the three by far. Upgrading from this because the small memory has limited the number of apps I can download. Other than that everything about this phone is first class. And it only costs £65-75 outright Sony Ericsson Arc - Feels great. Nice and solid. Didn't play with it much. Had bought this phone as the upgrade from San Francisco. Cost: £215 on ebay. But within 2 days this Samsung deal came out from O2. I want to make this my phone for the next 1-2 yrs. But its lower memory is no-no for me now that I think about it. The physical buttons are a nice touch. Definitely the best designed phone I have seen - beats the iPhone's design for sure. The colors are a lot washed out. Samsung Galaxy S2 - a little disappointed with it. With talk of Super AMOLED + blah blah and the display is outdone by a £65 phone in San Francisco. The phone itself feels VERY cheap and light and plasticy. But being dual-CPU, support as a USB host, lots of memory, great camera/flash, front facing camera, etc its the one I am going to keep (but for the wrong reasons). Truly I should just stick with San Francisco and return the rest.
  3. Kuteguy

    ZTE Blade still recommended?

    Yep totally agree with this - my perfect condition 6 month old San Francisco is the best phone I have had so far. Its worth atleast 250 quid. But got a cracking deal on the Sony Arc (200 quid new out-right in UK ebay) - so its goodbye San Fran, two batteries, 16gb card. Its AMOLED screen is unbeatable but after a while I needed more ROM/RAM so I can install tons of apps. And a great camera / flash on the Arc is a bonus. Thanks for everyone else's help. Modaco single handedly is the reason I reckon most people got this phone!
  4. Kuteguy

    32gb sd and SF

    never had this problem on my 32 gb card - admittedly I only copy max 200mb files I currently have about 25gb on my card (music videos)
  5. Kuteguy

    32gb sd and SF

    havent read the entire thread I have had a 32gb card for about 3 months I think. From memory, bought it from play.com works perfectly on most ROM (it worked on Paul's ROM, it worked on Jap's ROM, but it did not work on FLB's ROM) I don't remember formatting it - just used it out of the box
  6. my 32gb definitely works with the ZTE Blade (Think I bought it on play.com) - it has worked on ever ROM except this one. You are right, I could have tried the 2gb card but couldn't find it I was in a rush to get my phone operatioal so tried Jap's ROM and it all works pefectly including recognising the 32gb card as well as bettery drain seems ok so far... I would personally put it down to some wifi issues when using FLB ROM
  7. I just installed the standard ROM - never have purposefully done either of what you mentioned it almost seems like as soon as I turn the Wi-fi on it starts crashing and SD card becomes unrecognised
  8. I was really looking forward for this ROM to work but had some major issues. Admittedly I only gave it about 2 hours - but there were too many problems on my ZTE Blade (early model with OLED - got it in the first week). I was using Modaco's r12 but felt it had two problems - phone kept rebooting mid-phone conversation and ridiculously battery life Anyway I hope my feedback fixes issues if any issues exist. Generally, the phone would freeze pretty much straight away after rebooting. The 32gb micro-sd card would not be recognized- it was working fine with previous ROMS. But if I quickly went to mount sd card option as soon as the phone rebooted then the card would be mounted onto my Windows XP machine.
  9. Kuteguy

    I want an app for...

    Hi, I am looking for an app that will.. record incoming and outgoing phonecalls on the blade (2-way) without going in to speker phone it should auto-record and auto name the files (ideally to SD card) any recommendation? Thanks ___ found it myself for anyone else looking http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...ecording-calls/
  10. just for the record my 16gb got really full really quickly cause I have a really big one - it was from play.com. Worked/works perfectly. I just got a 32gb play.com and that too works perfectly now to get on eBay and sell my 16gb that I no longer need
  11. Kuteguy

    SF Power Fault.

    yep I get this ALL The time - 4-5 times a week
  12. I have owned some very expensive phones in the past ... this beats all of them hands down Its the phone that stops me looking at other phones ;-) now if only I could find a g/f like that :P
  13. Kuteguy

    Video Player

    Act 1 Video player all the way its the only video player I know that allows playing videos in the background - and then you can resume back into the player whenever you want.
  14. Kuteguy

    Random Reboots

    Yes I get this too. My phone is stock standard. Unlocked. It always happens to me mid-conversation - the phone just reboots. Its happened about once a week since I got the phone the day it was released. Usually my wifi, gps, data is turned off.
  15. Kuteguy

    Car charger

    fyi> the samsung omnia's car holder fits the orange san francisco perfectly - I have access to USB port for charging as well as 3.5 mm headphone socket :-)

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