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  1. Chris Moore

    Streaming Player for Sonny

    have you tried core player? I use this for streaming... HTC do offer a free streaming player but it didn't support any form of authentication (I think). Core player does RTSP and HTTP streams with only the latter supporting authentication.
  2. Chris Moore

    Paul's must have FREE Xperia X1 software

    Please could you add slide to answer to the list (http://www.ac-s2.com/). Its essential for my X1!
  3. Chris Moore

    Handling incoming calls and messages

    I actually came across S2U2 from http://www.ac-s2.com/. found it while looking for a key lock but it also does a nice job of the answer screen.
  4. Hi, this being my first WM phone I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the interface for incoming calls (and SMS to some degree). All you get is a small popup from the bottom of the screen showing the details. Its as if they have forgotten this is a phone. Is there a way to get a full screen view for incoming screens - I think the iPhone and Touch Flow do this? Thanks, Chris.
  5. Chris Moore

    CamerAware not working on X1

    Has anyone installed this yet on their X1? I have posted in the bug reports section for CamerAware but I am guess there will be less X1 owners reading that thread. I have display issues with the speed and direction...
  6. Chris Moore

    X1 Rattle - anyone else go this?

    And how is your call sound quality - always perfect or sometimes slightly distorted?
  7. Hi, If I hold my X1 with the keyboard closes and gently shake it there is a slight rattle sound like a screw loose near the speaker at the top of the unit. I am convinced that sometimes the sound quality is a bit shaky so it could be related. Does anyone else have this behaviour or is mine broken? thanks, Chris.
  8. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Chris Moore

    Problems with the X1

    Have a look at the Xperia Tweak thread to solve most of your problems...
  10. Not to worry now - I found Batti to be unreliable as after using certain applications it would turn purple as if charging. Also my phone was starting to become slow and unstable with these addons running so have removed them - not used a PPC since my Dell X50V so had forgotten how unstable WM can become and how quickly!
  11. Hi, I have installed Batti and it looks great but I can't get rid of the battery icon that sits at the top of the screen (I am assuming this is called the system tray). Any ideas as to how I can get rid of this? I have searched around and tried a couple of registry tweaks but to no avail. Thanks, Chris.
  12. Chris Moore

    CamerAware not working on X1

    Excellent - got it working thanks.
  13. Chris Moore

    CamerAware not working on X1

    That would be great thanks - just enough to get it working to see what the app is like.
  14. Chris Moore

    CamerAware not working on X1

    Hi, any update on this??? Had my phone for nearly a week now and desperate to try this app! Chris.
  15. Hi, this may seem like a strange request, but I have a K850i and primarily want a phone for phone calls and SMS.... So would it be possible to see how well the X1 can handle being a phone and sending texts? I realise there is a lovely interface for most PDA features but often I see it drop back to a standard Windows interface for phone and text features, which to be honest doesn't look to have advanced from when I bough my X50V from Dell. Always been sceptical of Windows phones with the thought that its a PDA with a bolt on phone application as an after thought. This could be a fall back to the early Winmo phones that a lot of people I know rushed out to get and then dumped, so will be very happy to be corrected on this. Thanks, Chris.

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