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  1. Hi, Ive searched and couldnt find anything relating to my problem. Just this past few days I noticed I cant install/uninstall anything on my device. I tried manually deleting the files, running cabs again, even hooking up to the computer. When I try to delete, rename, move or copy files I get a "write protection" error. Is there anything I can do with programs I have installed to fix the problem. Programs I have (which may help) are: Dutty's task manager htcAddicts cleanRAM I have a registry editor Clear Temp. Im afraid to hard reset in case I cant reinstall these programs. Please help.
  2. Does anyone else think this would be a great addition to the handset?
  3. It bugs me that the HD2 has a great Youtube app, but when a link is clicked in opera or IE the phone opens the youtube page instead of automatically launching the app. I think HTC missed a vital tool in this. Has anyone figured out a reg hack or anything to make this work?
  4. I am getting a new HD2 from carphone warehouse tomorrow. Its on the orange network, and he said it was SIM free. I have NEVER installed a new ROM on any of my HTC phones and am almost nervous even thinking about doing it. Im a complete newbie in ROMs. Should I install the latest ROM, and where is the best place to find it?
  5. I have Touch Diamond and the corner is lifting on the home button. Im due an upgrade so I'm not that concerned about it. It does snag on my pocket though
  6. Mods, please move this if its in the wrong place. Im on my last 3 months of my orange contract. I have been using HTC Touch Diamond and I was keen to get the drools flowing over some newer models. My main requirements are Win6.5, built in GPS for my new hobby Geocaching. I had looked at the HTC HD2 which has the digital compass built in too, but on searching on the Orange website they don't stock it at all. the closest device to the spec of the HD2 is the Toshiba TG01 which looks like a good alternative, with a bit of tweaking of the browser and UI. When I spoke to Orange I asked about what phones are due to be released over the next few months, to see if its worth waiting till the end of my contract and get a better (maybe even WinMo 7) device. He looked up his list and told me about the HTC Bravo which is due for release in late March. Ive searched the HTC site and cant see any reference to it. Does anyone have any info on this phone, maybe another name for the device, or the specs of it.
  7. The problem seems to have corrected itself, so I just assume it was a problem from their end. Thanks for the replies anyway, think I will look on the xda site anyway for a few other tips.
  8. I couldnt find any topics about it. What is the solution. Its annoying me, Im not that obsessed with the weather, that I cant live without it working, but just like to know that everything is working ok on my phone.
  9. My Diamond cant seem to be updating my weather. It brings up a connetion error. The gprs settings seem ok as I can browse internet, recieve email etc. It still doesnt update when I try with wifi. Would something have accidentelly got changed, or does it seem like a server problem?
  10. Ive had my diamond a week now, and not got round to attaching the protector. Now, how should I best clean the screen before applying it. Im not just going to rub it on my sleeve or use a wet tissue. I want to make sure there is no grease or dirt under the protector. btw its the one in the box that came with orange. I didnt actually notice it was in there until I was about to store away the box.
  11. Charged and loaded up , though my sim hasnt been activated yet. I looked at the radio and ROM as you suggested Neil. The Radio is, the ROM is 1.93.405.1 WWE. Is that the old ROM ? What benifit will flashing have, and how do I do it? (sorry complete noob) Thanks
  12. Okay. I have my Diamond coming on Wednesday through Orange. All I need to know is.. What should I install / uninstall, disable etc. when I have it charged up and switched on. In other words...give me some tips and tricks on what I should do (apart from phone calls or texts). Ive read about the battery issues, so wamt to make sure I start off well with the battery. Im always so tempted to switch my new phones on before the recommended initial charge time and dont want to weaken the battery.
  13. I just went ahead and took the deal. Was speaking to Margaret at orange, who was as helpful and enthusiastic as a wet sock. I tried to get some add-ons, but there was no budging. I got my 4MB for £5 like I had before. I pushed to get a free bluetooth headset or car charger, but still no budging. My new phone arrives on Wednesday. (hope its more exciting than Margaret)
  14. Thanks again Neil. Im not sure if I will need 250MB, but will see what they can offer. I can use wifi at home so Will only need browser if Im in the car (roadside, Im a driving instructor, :lol:)or away. I may also see if they still do the "Money back on an old handset" offer too. Im a tight git
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