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  1. Exactly this happened to me last week. I had to uninstall it...
  2. Well that's not an issue, because I had Hungarian TMC events with the last known fix in Austria. But there were cases when I didn't get the Hungarian TMC events with the last known fix in Hungary.
  3. The Omnia facing this problem has no SIM card inserted, it's being used simply as a PDA, without phone functions. Also no Enhanced GPS at all, since no data connections are available.
  4. If "Mix" is not selected, TMC receiver is not detected by navigation software at all.
  5. Another problem: no TMC events at all since a coulpe of hours. Restarted iGO, restarted device (soft-reset). TMC receiver is properly detected, signal is strong (100%), station name displayed, current song also (RadioText working) - thus RDS received and decoded. But no TMC events on the list. On other TMC-enabled receivers, everything is fine (same iGO build, same map version, same license). Please find attached the logs here: log2_noevents.zip Hoping for a fix soon.
  6. I suggest to add these to the first post, so that everyone can easily find the information.
  7. Please find here the logs: If you downloaded them, post a reply, so I can delete them from the forum.
  8. Can't find the post where you describe exactly how to get the log.
  9. Seems to me that beta2, with iGO8 v8.3.2.71348 has problems. Setting all up, starting iGO for the first time, everything is fine. After quitting iGO, and starting it again, tuning up (right arrow) doesn't work. On some frequeny it locks for long time saying Testing.... with no result at all. No TMC events. Soft-Reset fixes it. virtlserial parameter is there.
  10. That's an iGO problem, not OmniaTMC.
  11. iGO8 v8.3.2.71348 does detect the device, tunes and gets the TMC data OK. But running v8.3.2.71348 after exiting v8.0.0.55127 breaks everyting up. Tuning is slow, no TMC data available, etc. Soft-reset fixes it only.
  12. iGO8 v8.0.0.55127 does detect the device, but can't tune the frequency. With beta1 it shows 0.0 MHz, with beta2 it sticks to 87.5MHz, left/right arrows don't move the frequency, autotune either.
  13. Now I see, it doesn't detect the device unless I tick the Mix checkbox. :D Beta 2.
  14. Why do we have to fill in the GPS port? If I don't specify any number at GPS port, it gives an error message. I don't want to Mix TMC with GPS data, so I don't even want to specify a COM port for GPS data. Shouldn't it work without it?

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