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  1. All of a sudden, I've been having accelerometer issues on my Omnia 7, the screen is no longer auto-rotating. Anyone wanting to explore the diagnostics screens should be very wary. I'm now having major accelerometer issues on my Omnia 7. Contents are now being displayed in landscape mode and it is not auto rotating to potrait mode even when you turn the phone over.......anyone else having these issues?
  2. I'm having problems with the 28230 Lite ROM as regards to the motion sensor. My phone is not rotating to landcape mode even though it has been set to do so in Rotate Amination in the system settings and also in the Favourite Hackings. Anyone else experiencing such issues?
  3. Hi Michelle, You are star, iPlayer now works on PDhee lite ROMs. I've been looking Opera build v15828 for a while 'cause I only had build v15233.
  4. I will have to reflash my phone to a different ROM, shame, I really liked this ROM, especially with all the Samsung stuff included in it. I might come back to it in the future if the sleep bug has been sorted out.
  5. Hi, I seem to having a sleep bug with this ROM, all of sudden, the phone won't wake up by pressing on the front button. I'm having to soft reset the phone to get it working again, which is a shame because it has all the samsung stuff I like. Ohh, it just happened again.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying to change the boot screen of my i900 with the Windows Phone logo, how to I go about doing this? Thanks
  7. Hi dayspring2099us, I love your theme, where can I download it from?
  8. Hi all, I've flashed to the i900Omnia_23530 Lite_beta1 ROM, but I'm having battery drainage issues. The phone now barely lasts a day, whereas before, it used to last for a couple of days at least before having to recharge the battery. Anyone else experiencing this peoblem?
  9. Hi PDhee, I've been testing this ROM for the past 4 days and this is best and most stable ROM I've ever flashed. Keep up the good work bro.
  10. Nice work guys, loving this new dialer. It is possible to have screen lock in the dialer like in the original i900 dialer???
  11. I'm not too keen either, don't get me wrong, it's one hell of phone, but where is the internal storage? That is why I still prefer Omnia 2.
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