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  1. 2.5.1820.1831 this is the version of HTC album support " social network engine " = upload to youtube & facebook can anyone modify it to work on omnia( when tab on , doesn't launch !)
  2. Hi ,thx for cab & fix ,Infact I was searching for HTC album which works on omnia for its Youtube /facebook upload property and I see yours work well on omnia but there is not facebook /youtube upload tab in its Menu ,why? is it possible to add this feature to it this is a link to a video clip shows HTC album uploading video on facebook:
  3. Dear friends I think there is a problom with A5 battery but I am not sure if this problom is only mine or it is a general ...: when the battery is full it will takes so long to 50 0r 40 percent but after it, its charg decreased so fast !
  4. Dear thomas, would you pls write the free "storage memory" ?
  5. yes you are right ' the second csc containing video clips and information for working with omnia
  6. I extract the A5 updater & disassemble with i900-executer the strange size(279mb) of rom is for second csc(customer-2.csc) ! its size is 120mb and executer is not able to disassemble it!
  7. Dear modacian , Infact I need arabic alphabet and right to left writing property of arabic roms for writing and reading farsi . My friends & me have been tried almost all arabizers Or persianizers but they all had some probloms with omnia . I found a link to JPIA3 in an arabic forum and DL it I will install that tonight and hope to work fine . for all who want JPIA3 this is my blog address:http://omnia-persian-users.blogspot.com/
  8. Dear modacian Thanks for all , So I think I need a JP rom for writing and reading in arabic alphabet but I see there isn't any JP official rom or any link for JP roms, if you help me for finding links to these roms I will be so pleased
  9. Hi is there any need to Donate also for taking reply from secany? :) I know secany is so busy and maybe he has not enough time to read all posts so if any one who knows if the arabic A3 has the arabic alphabet or not plz let me know. thx
  10. Dear Secany ,I want to know whether it supports arabic alphabet? or like the official arabic K1 rom is only an english rom. regards
  11. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...mode=linearplus
  12. Dear ken, Thanks for your great work , has the arabic(A3) rom ability of arabic or persian writing & reading ?
  13. I think roms released by Secany(ken) are not branded and U will be able update your omnia using grand prix and there's no need for any other changes in registery for using grand prix see my blog: http://omnia-persian-users.blogspot.com/ or get the instruction note from secany's post for official roms:http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp U may be able by using these instruction: *#1546792#*>preconfiguration>*#81230*# and then change to your ROM country & then it will be restart & "RESET" so it is better to have a backup . the other way is : modify Ur ROM (update.exe) content[using a binary editor like xiv32]; change the rom ver at the end of file to ur omnia country rom
  14. http://omnia-persian-users.blogspot.com/20...-for-omnia.html
  15. thanks for quick response , let see is this yours : PHONE: L2 + pda : k3 + csc: k3 ? & I think if "K3 pda" replace with "L2 pda " [Phone: L2 .Pda:L2 ; Csc : k3] the widget will be absent !
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