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  1. Thanks for beingo so kind .... I've just sent the new version to all users asking for. Actually I'm in UK to test some hardware and I'm in a lab almost all day, hotel is nice but with poor WiFi signal. This means some delays in answering until the end of august, with september I'll be back at home :D
  2. I see ... It's a regression from last fix and, thanks to the logs you sent, it has been quite simple to catch. I have the ready but, since I don't want to distribute broken code anymore I will send it directly to who's interested in testing.
  3. That's great!!! I was starting to port my driver to the i8000, but you alredy done all the work. Lucky you ... Samsung added the register IOCTLs :D If you are interested, I can implement the missing features to i900, I haven't checked the other functions are similar, but I hope :D Cheers
  4. Fine ... keep me posted and pls take a log so I can check the tuning fix (a session is just enough!) EDIT: since I was off-board for long time and I just noticed the good work made by by phj on the i8000, the porting of OmniaTMC to Omnia II becomes a waste of time. If phj agrees, I will port my i900 low level driver to be compatible with his work and HyperGPS.
  5. Someting is wrong with the new certs cab from the link I posted (soem certs are missing, but I'm not an expert on this matter), would you mind to try with the one attached on this post? Source is: Windows Mobile 6 SDK TEST-ONLY Certificates: new CAB and XML Provisioning Thanks NewCerts.zip
  6. EDIT: had a "minor" regression and has been removed. Since I don't want to spread bugs on you devices, from now on I'll send unofficial versions directly via email to anyone interested. Please PM me with your email. Ok, here it is the first unofficial 0.9.5.x release. As I wrote in my last post I don't have the i900 anymore so it's up to you to test the installation and the fix included. Installation and usage is unchanged from but carefully read the changelog below and, as I always recommend, do a device backup before installation!!! Changelog from -- signed all packages with the new MS SDK certificates (valid up to 2015). This means that the old certs.cab expired too and should be replaced with a new one. Take a look here --EDIT-- the right cab is attached two posts below! -- fixad an annoying precision bug in tuning function that sometimes lead to tune to slightly different frequency from required one and thus loosing TMC reception. Please report any issue with logs (here or via pm/email) so we can move to the official release!! Thanks!! Cheers
  7. Hi, it's long time I don't write here and, after some days of toughts abot OmniaTMC future I decided to prepare an update for i900 that includes the new MS development certificates (old one expired on dec 2009) that should help people having problems with installation and a fix for a very annoying bug on the tuning part (I couldn't belive on my eyes when I saw it :) ) that should help on stabilize TMC reception. I would also like to refactor some of the GPS-TMC serial emulator but I can't promise much. The "bad" news is that I moved from i900 to i8000 and I can't really test the update (that's why I wish to keep low-level stuff stable) and I will need help and patience from the community for bugs and regressions... The "good" news is that an i8000 is on the schedule and will began as soon as the i900 update will be released for testing. For the i8000 I need to start over the whole FMRadio driver reverse-engineering/wrapping that is a very long and time consuming task. Hopefully I will find some good news inside the new code to support raw RDS data ... we'll see, Cheers
  8. I have not much time to follow the XDA work right now, but is that software compatible with Omnia? Unless I missed something the answer is no. Can someone confirm? Have you installed the OmniaTMC in main or storage memory? From your post appears that the cab is not installing the file, but if you can't find the registry keys, you don't have original FM radio driver (and its registry keys) too. Try to obtain the i910 FM radio registry keys (in i900 are in the same location where OmniaTMC writes its own: HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\FMRadio) from an official Samsung ROM and to reinstall OmniaTMC. Regarding the "audio" problems ... I'm still trying to figure out what it is happening, but I had to reduce the effort because I don't have so much free time atm. Anyway appears that if you use a non hearphone antenna the problem is not happening, this is just a workaround, I know ...
  9. Are you using a custom ROM? Does this ROM have FM Radio support?
  10. Well I had some thoughts about tuning ... there are two options: fake TMC data injected ignore tuning commands The first is good if the driver can safely inject group 8 withouth breaking the software, but some tests are needed with encrypted TMC sources. the best option is to inject TMC data with uncorrectable errors so the softwar will not process the packet, but ... don't know if this will keep iGo from tuning. Worth a try ... The second is to ignore autotune commands for x seconds after TMC signal loss. IMHO the second one is lighter and better, it works like AF logic and has no drawback if used with iGO. Consider that TMC data has a very slow refresh rate (at least here) and the fact that the tuner goes away from the source doesn't mean that you'll loose so much information. Anyway, tunnels and bad coverage areas are a problem. The best solution is inside iGO tuning logic ... they may implement some asymmetrical unlock logic from the station: few seconds if no TMC has been receives, some more if TMC has been received (I mean 2/3s and 20/30s). OmniaTMCSerial already has this implemented but I never tested it in real driving situations so I haven't enabled it.
  11. The reason is that the tuner directly outputs analog audio that is mixed with the outer (digital) audio sources coming from the phone. To output the audio to the BT the ony way is to sample the audio coming from the tuner chip (like recording to SD) and play the digital data via the WAV device.
  12. Yes it's trying to use the device with GNS protocol insted of Royaltek, do you have a way to change the TMC protocol in use?
  13. Would you mind to enable the RX and TX also? I think that copiloti is trying to use it with GNS protocol ...
  14. To anyboy testing with NAV software: the key to understand if the NAV software is opening and using the TMC port is to enable CALLS and RDS log file then start a session of the software. In TMCSerialLog.log you'll find if the software is opnening the port, which commands is sending and answers/errors detected. I can help you checking the file. Just remember tha, in the software configuration, you have to set the TMC (or GPS if TMC can't be decoupled from GPS) port to the same port set in the OmniaTMC Setup tool (4 by default).
  15. Improving autotune is a matter of just "tune" some delays inside the driver, actually I'm focused on fixing the sound issues and I will keep workin on this. Consider that we're at the edge on what iGo let us to do and the no news from me doesn't means that the project is blocked <_< I noticed that there's an high CPU usage from the device.exe process where the sound issue appears but I have no tools to determine if the high load s caused by the audio, fmradio or tmc device so I'm investigating the code for somlookup I may have. I also have an Omnia implementation of the generic FM API so both OmniaTMC and the HTC implementation will be usable on both devices and you can choose the one that you like! As you can see there's a lot of work in progress ...
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