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  1. This is a great ROM. Thanks for your hardwork. One question about the call lock. Is there a way to re-enable it? I have tried many other program to lock the call screen but nothing works. I did like the original screen that came with WM 6.1. If you can help, thanks!
  2. can someone email me the downloaded rev 159. if so please send it in an attachment to [email protected] my god. this stuff is gonna put the beat down on WinMo. ive been looking up android apps and so far, this is gonna kick ass in the end!
  3. the link to this mediafire download is password protected and will not let me download, would you mind sharing your password to this file?
  4. I am currently using version 1.1 of this rom, is it possible to flash to 1.3 without losing all of my settings? - b
  5. I felt that this would motivate some people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-h5ZJhTeWQ now then, can someone help me with registering on this site. ive registed many times before, but with no success as i never recieve a confirmation email. i found this account abandonded on the internet from some other site, please dont shun me from this forum because of this, i still would like to be part of it.
  6. from my testing, the i910 still offers no support for SMS on the latest build. however WiFi works excelllently. ive only had 1 occasion where i have had to manually enter my ssid. that being said, great job guys. this is one dev team with good skills. p.s. i am having to use this username due to the admins or site registery not sending me a confirmation email. wonder why?
  7. yes i too am waoting on th.e info for the i910 aswell
  8. nvm im completely blind. the link was right in the middle of the page...
  9. where can i get this build??? the above link sends me to some "zippyfile" bs. or if thats the dl link for the file wheres the link located on the page?
  10. can someone post a mirror to the latest version that has people reporting succesful SMS? please and thnks
  11. First off, @brockman, Thanks for the b-day shoutout! @bg I just happened to be in a slump during my sewer line rebuild and you have made my @#$!#$ day!!! I am flashing now. I have been in and out of the forums whenever I have had time. I have testing out quite a bit of programs with your M2D 1.3 roms. I will report back when the my new sewer line is put in. (ugh, what a s****y mess, for over a week now). But, thanks again for making me feel like kid in a toy store!!! As soon as everything is done at my house, I will get you a Guiness!!! PS I need to stop using the fake account and will be back later with my own account.
  12. Hello Working on my i900 omnia with rom 6.1 in Spanish Franlov. Everything perfect after a day. Thank you very much from Spain Canary Islands
  13. aGPS stands for assisted GPS. It uses cell towers to triangulate your cell phone signal to find you. It gives you a general location. That's why it says "Within XXXX miles". It is what it says, assisted. This is separate from GPS. aGPS will give a general location then GPS will locate you. CC20 does not have aGPS unlocked. You would need the new official rom.
  14. Great to hear... it's very hard to work on the phone at the job. My boss is working on a computer right behind. Can't wait for the next release!!!
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