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  1. good to know , lol now Asus will think of some evil ways to block it from rooting next firmwares be sure NOT to Asus for repair in Root Mode. your phone will never be touch.
  2. narutofma

    3g dongel usb modem

    still will NOT work. there is NO Driver in the Asus ROM. unless someone made an Custom ROM for PF2. which currently there are no successful ROM. why do u need to USB Dongle any way, most 99% of 3G Modem have built in WiFi.
  3. i contacted them, their reply in Chinese is NO update will be given, final answer.
  4. narutofma

    3g dongel usb modem

    nope that is Not an option on any Padfone device. Asus had locked away most Standard OTG capabilites
  5. read some post prior to this Topic, I read it in this forum some where, someone tried to unlock with bootloader unlock provided by Asus. It does not work.
  6. narutofma

    PadFone Infinity

    here is what I know for Padfone series, there is a likely know factor Asus working with Ubuntu. But there is also a 95% likely chance they will NOT make it available to Padfone 1 / 2 / Infinity. Meaning they will make a new Version Padfone for Ubuntu Touch OS. In Asus Mind, their thinking are similar to Apple thinking, they only will continue to upgrade their latest Flagship. The prior generation will be update later. If you want the latest OS, buy the newest Device!!
  7. new MB, ouch, rooting might be no longer possible. since the new MB for PF2 does not work well with the Unlocking tool.
  8. narutofma

    PadFone Infinity

    contracted, as for rep NO. All rep for Asus dont know anything, only reading the guide/book given to them. the only way to Root Asus phone with out breaking warranty, especially Padfone series, you will need their Developer plug-in console for the phone. This plug-in are hardware coded plus Personal Identification coded plus Cellular number coded per device. With out all 3 components, rooting with out unlocking bootloader is impossible.
  9. narutofma

    How to enable HD Voice (AMR-WB) in Padfone 2

    that Codec Asus ROM do NOT have.
  10. narutofma

    PadFone Infinity

    do not bother about Rooting, Asus will Force Bootloader Unlock for Infinity to Root, meaning same policy applies Loosing Warranty. the Rooting option for PF2 will not work for Infinity. Bugs and quirks on PF2 had been cleaned out, will not happen again on PFI. Plus we do not have any plans to release the Rooting function for Infinity until Asus approves it for Bootloader Unlock. @Chaz, as a guinea pig, you are taking a Huge Risk of Permanent Bricking your Phone and Loosing Warranty. Are you Up/ready for it?
  11. narutofma

    Bricked padfone 2 ?

    once your phone is Bricked, due to Rooting the device, you will forfeit your warranty. asus will ignore your call or service for support, unless you are willing to PAY for Motherboard replacement as your own cost + round trip shipping. even if you did replace MOBO, the warranty are still null, they will only replace a MOBO with unlocked bootloader since 2012 December. Once you unlock, your device is FULLY non-warrant any longer. MOBO cost around 75% of original purchase of the phone.
  12. narutofma

    How to reflash to stock

    garmin partition? you meant a CHT or TWN mobile edition? did you flash WWE version? side question, are you currently in TW?
  13. sux tho, TWRP dont work on .24 rom, it bricks if it does not brick, i prefer another ROM with no partition
  14. All I need for a new Smart Phone is Dual SIM Slot, since I travel around the globe very often.
  15. you battery drain for smart phone is purely normal, your DATA was on the whole time plus GPS. Of course your battery drain like running faucet. No matter what size the battery came with, people will always complain NOT ENOUGH JUICE. Since the Screen are nearly on 80% + data/wifi. Always bring an External Battery for charging.

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