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  1. I know it was asking a bit much for them to go off script but I asked the question online. You: I also have question regarding the specifications, it states it has a micro sd card here: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/htc-one-s#/specifications Yet I believe this is incorrect. Gohil: Let me check that. Gohil: Yes, it is compatible microSD (up to 32 GB) You: There is no mention of that here http://www.htc.com/uk/smartphones/htc-one-s/?PS=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=HTC%20ONE-S&utm_campaign=Model+-+HTC+One+S&utm_content=stSZTAKla!pcrid!20286128862&mckv=stSZTAKla!pcrid!20286128862#specs Gohil: Let me send you a link to a page that contains that information. I'll stay in the chat whilst you have a read. Gohil: Please click here Gohil: Click on the link above, click on "Specifications" and read on the first coloum right side. Gohil: Phil, would you like to pre-order for this handset? You: Yeah, that was link I sent to you. Have a look here. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/44572/htc-adopts-micro-sim-dumps-microsd. I think vodafone have confused micro sim with micro sd. Gohil: There is a difference and I have send you a official site for this information. Gohil: Micro SD is the card is for the storage for the music, pictures, videos etc. You: The second link I sent was the official HTC page with no mention of micro sd..... Gohil: The link I have send you that contains the information about micro sd card and it is up to 32GB.
  2. http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/htc-one-s#/specifications Says it has micro sd up to 32gb
  3. Hi, Im interested in this too. Philipp's needs are slighlty different I think, (just audio playback) but for multitracking we need low latency audio capabilities. Ive found this link which is interesting: http://www.ikmultime....php?f=10&t=553 There may be some scope for the future form IK, line 6 seem to be totally ios focussed at the moment. Ive read that the i rig can be used in the 3.5mm jack on an android device but never tried it. Let me know if you find any usb devices that are compatible, Im keeping an eye out on the arduino stuff as well. http://createdigital...t-with-arduino/ On a slighlty different tangent ive just seen this ap: Touch osc https://market.andro...e=search_result Looks like it can control a DAW but i havent tried it yet. Edit Sorry only just noticed how old this post is......
  4. Advent vega on twitter just posted this To those asking about Honeycomb, we're still investigating with partners & promise to come back to you as soon as we have full understanding Partners=paul??
  5. Ive just solved this problem by putting into standby, waking, dragging down to unmute sound on unlock screen, then turning volume up and rebooting. To stop this happening again ive setup pattern unlock on wake up.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I've found the correct ip number to use and changed my password. When I try to connect with putty it won't get to the next screen that asks for a password, it just says error connection timed out. I appreciate the warning about playing with root access but I'm not worried if I mess it up playing around as I bought it to learn a bit more, hdd has nothing important on it. Do you think samba will do what I want?
  7. Hi, have just bought a pogoplug for £59 from PCWorld. Seems a good device but I have a question for the experts. At the moment I need to be connected to the internet to see my hdd connected to the pogoplug, once connected however I can disconnect the internet and still see the drive as Im accessing it over my local wifi. Once the machine is shutdown however this connection is lost, is it possible to connect locally without the internet? I have googled it and found some information suggesting I ssh [email protected] with ceadmin passsword. Sounds fun if I knew what any of that meant, (well I understand some of it). I have dabbled blindly with a program called Putty and also tried it in filezilla which I have used for ftp in the past. However I have had no joy. I have enabled SSH access in mypogoplug settings online, Ive tried turning off my firewall in case its blocking a port. It would be really useful for me at work to bypass the internet and create my own small wifi lan. Ive also seen some suggestions about samba, again I know nothing about but could look into it further. Thanks.
  8. Maybe im expecting too much out of it but ive seen videos of the s12 playing back 1080 smoothly and mine struggles immensely. Ive googled it to death, tried klite codecs, different nvidia graphics drivers, MPC, VLC. Ive installed asrock tuner and overclocked it to 2.1 ghz and it still struggles. Ive uninstalled mcafee lite, tried selective startup aned cancelled some background apps. The only thing I havent tried is fresh version of windows 7 without the bloat, as I havent got a windows 7 disc this may be tricky. For info; 2gb ram ion version bought jan2011. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Lenovo_Idea...S12_904904.html Any help much appreciated.
  9. Tune in radio has a sleep timer built in. Think it just goes into standby though cant remember. http://market.android.com/details?id=tunein.player
  10. There is a thread claiming that a regulated power supply fixes the touch screen issues when charging, if this could be used in the dock it would make a significant improvement. In my opinion we shouldnt have to pay through the nose for this, I see it as quite a serious manufacturing flaw as the device is pretty unusable for typing when plugged in. But I love it too much to send it back. http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...t-charging-fix/
  11. Heres a tip, I use I spare parts to change end button behaviour to home then sleep. This means short tap on the power button takes me home, tap again to sleep.
  12. Ok I had to download the file from my PC for some reason. Copied it over and works a treat, thanks Paul much appreciated. (edited got it woking now)
  13. Ive tried downloading it again, used package installer and astro to try and open it and no luck, how did you install it?
  14. Doesnt work for me, says there is a problem parsing the package
  15. Thanks for the info, very interesting. Would.be great to sort out a few bugs.
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