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  1. You want both, You want the original rom updates to have the updated drivers and firmware to help custom roms be as awesome as they are
  2. Thanks Paul nice one, Any ideas on how to get Clockwork going on devices with locked down bootloaders ? :unsure:
  3. Looks like they keep pushing it back and back and hoping that people will give up or Get another device Sad really, hopes and promises have been dashed and im really thinking about HTC in a new light and this light looks a rather dark shade
  4. Anyone know where can i find a version that only installs the live wallpaper feature and not the nexus lock screen, i would still like the htc lock screen, dont care about teeter and stocks ?
  5. You sir are the winner lol, it was appaware thanks for the heads up :)
  6. So yeah looking for a app Here's the description Iv forgot what its call, but basically it finds what apps are being install and uni-stalled from the market and states what phone model. You can even search by your phone model, i really liked this app but cant remember the name but remembered that it was always at the start of the menu Any ideas guys/girls on this handy little app please !!!
  7. Check out radiant in the market good space shooter like sapce invaders but better
  8. try doing a wipe then a fresh flash/install, if you did a nandroid back up, try that also if all fails
  9. take a look here, http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=announce&id=2
  10. have a quick look, looks good and fast http://img42.yfrog.com/i/ikt.mp4/ more info download link its still alpha http://htcpedia.com/forum/showthread.php?p=36431#post36431
  11. No iv got pure messsnger widget, its the offical one, it had the little status update box, and every thing looked the same but it was a dark colour, @Shokka, trust me bro, iv look for it at my normal spot's, Android Fourms, XDA, htcpedia, Android Central. etc i think it was on a show your home screen kinda thread, but cant locate it, As for finding the right file, iv got no idea where to look for it to skin it, Im thinking it's harder then just looking inside the windows folder on winmo lol
  12. well basically i saw when going though a different various website forums some one posted a screen shot and in it was the facebook widget (official i think), but it was a dark gray colour, Im looking for it, because i want it lol, anyone know's where it is or any idea's ?
  13. Yeah i think it has, also mippin do a app called buzzdeck thas pretty good.
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