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  1. I'd wait for Windows Phone 7. It's gonna be released soon so stick to your current phone and pick up a new Windows Phone when they are released.
  2. http://www.spbsoftware.com/smartphone-soft...irelessmonitor/ That's the smartphone version (as you stated that you have a smartphone). There's also a PocketPC version on the SPB Softwarehouse's site.
  3. I think this might be what you're looking for: TCPMP FLV Plugin I've never tested it but at least they say in the description that you can download files from utube with PPC and PC.
  4. And there's a simple solution for that. Pay more to get a faster internet connection. If you find any other way, please send me a pm (I'm gonna make millions with it).
  5. Like I said, I've never used my HD2 without Exchange sync. It will last more than 2 days for sure, but I don't know exactly how much.
  6. Well, haven't you heard that Windows Phone 7 is gonna be released soon with some really cool phones? I'd wait for that and see what they got to offer. Also, haven't you tried a capacitive touch screen? There's a BIG difference in touch sensitivity compared to resistive screens. There's no way I'm going back to resistive screens after buying my HD2. Go to your nearest phone retailer and try them out. You'll see the difference instantly. And for the battery life in HD2, you are correct. I'm receiving around 100-150 e-mails/day, listen to music a few hours per day, read RSS feeds and I'll have to recharge the battery every night. When I go to bed, nowadays the battery level in my HD2 is around 20-40%. Meaning it won't last 2 days. Though, if you plan not to use e-mail at all and you are not going to browse the internet on it and listen to music very randomly, I can guarantee you that you'll have at least 2-3 days of battery life. Never tried it myself so I'm just guessing here... If you have further questions about the HD2, feel free to ask.
  7. Firstly, I'm currently using the HD2. It feels nice, works fine and basically is a really good phone. Just wanted to say that I wouldn't pick Nokia. The N900 has Maemo 5 OS, which is gonna be replaced by Meego soon. Therefore, Nokia will move on to supporting Meego and leave Maemo and it's users on their own. If you're even thinking about Nokia, skip this one. And for the love of god, stay away from Symbian. The same applies partly for Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 (new name!) is gonna be released soon with some really cool new phones. Also the next iPhone will be released in a couple of months. Conclusion: If you want to buy a phone today and right now, go with Android. But why would you? With some really cool phones coming in a few months, I'd wait for them.
  8. Why don't you just create a sync partnership with Google Calendar and create your appointments directly to your calendar, without any browsers? http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/ After that, you can use the calendar in your Outlook (with restrictions), Thunderbird, Horde or any other e-mail client and also check your calendar using your browser. Why would you even consider FTP to sync your appointments?
  9. I have no knowledge about Samsung phones, but the basics are the same as in HTC ones. Here's a guide to flashing a rom for HTC HD2, but much of it applies to other phones too. Newbie guide to flashing roms
  10. Have you tried changing the time zone? Start / Settings / System tab / Clock & Alarms / Time tab
  11. If you're asking for a battery that lasts long, HD2 is not for you. I sync mail, calendar, contacts and tasks with a company exchange server, listen to music while sitting on the bus for 1h/day and at 10pm the phone beeps and notifies me that the battery level is critically low.
  12. Only you can see that when it's 0%. It's just for informational purposes.
  13. Why on earth would you move messages to Deleted Items if you don't want to delete them? It's common sense, if you don't want to delete an item, then do not move it into thrash bin! Other than that, I'm unable to provide you an answer, since I've never used Windows Mobile 6 or Smartphones.
  14. The only way to achieve that is by flashing your rom. You can start from XDA-Developers. Remember to read instructions carefully, because if you do something wrong, you may end up having a blank device with no operating system or an operating system that does not have the correct drivers and therefore will not boot.
  15. How did you move the mails to your new host? Just forwarded them from the old host? Maybe their timestamps are messed up and therefore show up as received within the last 7 days.
  16. There you go: SPB Mobile Shell EDIT: Sorry, didn't notice that your phone is a smartphone. SPB Mobile Shell doesn't support those devices. I think it's kinda hard to find the software you're looking for nowadays since I didn't find anything with quick googling.
  17. I believe that all the info you're going to need can be found in the user's manual.
  18. Why on earth would someone want to do that? You can set the phone into airplane mode (all wireless connections are disabled) with any ring profile software out there. I haven't used any of these, so you'll have to experiment them yourself. Here are some examples: Profiles for Windows Mobile Mobile Profile Manager Though, a quick Google search would give you even more candidates. :)
  19. Not possible with Outlook. You'll have to install some other e-mail/calendar client to achieve this.
  20. Yes, there's Windows Mobile Device Center. It comes bundled with Vista and Windows 7. On XP, you have to download Microsoft ActiveSync from microsoft.com. Both of them will sync your data to Microsoft Office Outlook.
  21. Google is your friend. There's a lot of contact managers around. Here are a few examples: Resco Contact Manager Nektra Contact Manager iContact But you're gonna find a lot more of them if you want to.
  22. Basically, if you flash your rom to any non-official rom, you're on your own. You should try to search xda-developers for the rom you are using and see if it has a support thread. Though, the problem seems to be in the soft button link and should be easy to fix if you're not afraid of doing some registry editing. Find an another phone that has the functionality you need and copy the reg key. Or get an application that lets you change the soft button function.
  23. I'm a bit sceptic about this. If this program ran only locally and your phone would be the host of this application (aka it would work as a web server), I could try it. But as it sends information to another website, I can never be sure if the information is stored there or deleted after I delete my account. Anyways, many people use their corporate e-mail, calendar and contacts on their phones and I suspect that not a single company would approve this application.
  24. You didn't exactly tell how Modaco is related to this issue. Did you just browse the Modaco forum or what?
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