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  1. Hi everyone, Is there any program to prompt me when connecting to gprs so that i can give the necessary authentication. In my case, it connects randomly to gprs in the middle of the night for no reason and takes up not only the battery and $$. I would still require the use of gprs but i would like to have a prompt when connecting, instead of auto connect. "Nodata" dun seem to have this feature? Any advice? Thank you. Kathy
  2. I had the same problem as describe. Unfortunately those methods mention didin work for me. Best thing to do is to bring it down to a service center and let them fix it with firmware upgraded. It took them less than 2 hours to fix it for me.
  3. Hi guys, Hopefully it works for most of you guys out there. I recently upgraded my firmware to Dzhh3/dxhh3 and battary drains very fast. I let it drain fully till it auto shuts off first. Charge it overnight maybe like 12 hours. From than on it works great for me. It could last me at least 3 days and i'm quite a heavy user. Hope it works for you guys out there facing this problem. Any other ideas that worked/might work/worth giving a try please post it here for everyone. CHeers~! Kathy
  4. Hi guys, Omnia ringtone(mp3) will sound muffled for aroud 2 sec when there is an incoming call and resume back to normal after that. Anyway to fix that? The fault is not with the mp3 but with omnia. I spoke to samsung helpdesk before and they said thats how omnia works. Thanks, Kathy
  5. Hi guys! I just upgraded my samsung omnia i900 firmware according to samsung official website. I followed their description and everything went smoothly. After installation complete, i switched on my phone but its stuck on the "Samsung Omnia" screen. Waited for close to an hour(assuming that installation is still ongoing) but its still stuck on the screen. I tried reseting the phone by pressing the call and end button and after resetting the problem is still there. Any advice? Thank you, Kathy
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