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  1. damnsmalldan

    Ginger Stir Fry, gone?

    If anything they are just shooting themselves in the foot, as it will mean people will visit XDA instead.
  2. damnsmalldan

    Is this not it >

    No, thats a rebranded Acer Iconia A500. Packard Bell is a subsidiary of Acer.
  3. damnsmalldan

    Just How Bad Are Resistive Touchscreens?

    Yes, capacitive touchscreens are are very nice, compared to resistive. Especially the multitouch capability they bring. Pinch to zoom is very handy for some apps, such as the browser or Google Maps.
  4. damnsmalldan

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Hello, I have the Pulse Mini. I would like to port the Cyanogen Wildfire ROM to it, but I really do not know where to start... Please could someone help me do so? ;)
  5. damnsmalldan

    Any software for Missed call indication?

    Launcherpro has a missed call count option which can show up on the dock. This is by far my favourite dock for the Mini, it is faster and better than the TMobile canvas one.
  6. If its constantly multi-touching to me it sounds like somewhere the screen has been damaged... Try looking at the screen to see if it looks damaged. It could be a problem like Newton's Rings (although i don't think capacitive screens can get this) where the touchscreen layers (again, capacitive screens don't have layers) are stuck together after being damaged, causing it to think it is being touched. It could be a similar problem? (I walked into a table with my Pulse Mini, it was fine though...)
  7. damnsmalldan

    looking for the name of this

    Hello, this is a called Power Control, every handy widget :lol:
  8. damnsmalldan

    27/Jul r3b MG Custom Rom for pulse mini

    Using R3b, which is very good. However I have a couple of problems which aren't really that important. After the Red Huawei boot screen (which I think should be changed to something better) there is a coupe of seconds where I just have a black screen. Then the lock screen appears. Also, the FM Radio App is still pink in places.
  9. damnsmalldan

    There's a SAFE MODE!!!

    Nice, well done for finding his out, wonder if there are other secret things like this...
  10. damnsmalldan

    T-mobile Pulse Mini Newbie Help!

    Personaly i recommend the Swiftkey keyboard, as it has great next word recommendations, which really saves time. I find the screen too small to use shapewriter.
  11. damnsmalldan

    Flashing U8150 rom

    @Gjole86: You should upload it so people can use it, even if it is useless atm. People can mess with it to make it work.
  12. damnsmalldan

    Flashing U8150 rom

    Ah, this is good. If Huawei do make an official 2.2 update, i bet they'll use this and edit it slighty, especially as there is a mention of the Pulse Mini I'l work on thi, see if i can get stuff working
  13. damnsmalldan

    19/May - Superboot - rooting the Pulse Mini

    How do I ddo this?
  14. Hi all. I am making a custom ROM, and would like you suggest features for it. (Root, tether etc. is already included) Thanks. :huh:
  15. damnsmalldan

    DSDPulMinFroYo Alpha 1 - FroYo on the Pulse Mini

    Yes, the ROM I tried to port is from a completely different device. I will play around with the boot.img and other things. However, my primary thing to do is make an Eclair ROM for the Mini, which should be completed in a couple of days.

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