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  1. Hi, I am travelling in the US with my Omnia i900 and I really needed a data connection, I know the i900 doesnt support US 3G but edge or other 2g speed is fine for me. So I went and bought an AT&T gophone (prepaid phone) and charged it with 100MB prepaid data. The nokia dumb phone I got works well with the SIM card but when I put in my i900 it doesn't recoginize the sim card (which works very good in my nokia) My omnia is sim-free (unlocked) I am guessing it has something to do with the 3G AT&T sim card but not sure, any ideas ? what can I do ?
  2. Hi, I am using SPB Mobile shell so I don't care much about the titanium, which version should I install , the neo or the classic ? (I disable titanium anyway) Also, how do I remove the background screen without screwing all the colors (by changing themes and stuff)
  3. you're creating big expectations here :) Your doing a great work! (Too bad I'm not happy with 23409)
  4. Before posting I tried almost every possible wait between taps, still no luck Oddly, I installed opera 9.5 (don't remember which build) and it didn't either Something is weird
  5. Strange, when I double tap a page in opera 9.7 I don't get to zoom option .. Am I doing something wrong ? I used it in 9.5 I'd really like to try an older version (9.5) of opera, can someone point me to cab ? I wasn't able to find it
  6. Didn't work for me. and still can't input anything to opera address bar
  7. I also have the same prolem with opera + fingerkeyboard isn't working now this ROM seems to have 2 big problems. I would recommend people to wait for the next ROM
  8. Only made it worse for me, now I can't change to any other keyboard !! --- Update: To fix I edited the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sip:defaultIm" back to the CLSID of Samsung keyboard. When I tried putting the CLSID of fingerkeyboard there I couldn't boot and had to hard-reset :) --- Any one has any other ideas how to get fingerkeyboard to work ?
  9. You went a step too far, I didn't suggest someone will write an automatic process. A simple implementation is preparing an excel form with a list of ROM features and have each chef fill it and send to someone. All that need's to be done later is to merge it to a single excel file. Naturally, it can be done much better with somekind of public spreadsheet that only chef's have modifiers access and everyone can than view. Anyway, just a suggestion. I am sure I can go on without it
  10. Hi, Why do almost all ROM's here come without the part ? Can someone point me to a lite 6.5 ROM with the phone part ? (I don't need M2D or any other shell's, I use SPB) If not, How I do I upgrade only the phone port and where should I get it from ? Also, (and this is a big one) is there any chance someone will step up and maintain a pinned discussion that includes a summery matrix of the popular ROM's and thier features ? it has become too hard to choose a ROM with so many chef's around here and so many discussion topics
  11. What's the purpose of the connection ? The omnia supports ad-hoc Wifi connection and I guess the PS3 will support it also, so making a connection should be possible. - Or did you mean connecting them together using a router ?
  12. I think this thread might help you abit regarding the connection
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