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  1. ** Basically this ROM is a CM6B2 with ipaq experimental kernel and some other improvements ** Requirements/Instructions: - Rename all the Folders and files to delete the Chinese characters because it may affects Norton. - You can use "Norton Ghost for DOS with USB support", "Ghost 4 Linux" or "Norton Ghost 32" for windows (easier way for me). *** VERY IMPORTANT, THE SIZE OF ext4 PARTITION*** - You must create the partitions before. Please pay attention at ext4 size. it must be at leasts 1.6 Gb primary partition or Norton won't allow you to restore. Linux-Swap is fine between 128 and 256 Mb. - After having restored the ext4 partition you have to choose one of the folders according your needs and then copy the files inside to your Internal Storage or SD card root folder. - There are 3 files inside each folder: "xxxM.exe", "zImagexxx" and "KaFeixxx.h". The "xxx" means memory used/free for graphics. You can open the KaFeixxx.h file with a text editor in order to know if it's related to Internal Storage or SD card (or you can learn Chinese instead). - Just pay attention to the command "Set CMDLINE": * Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init" -> Internal Memory. * Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 init=/init" -> SD Card. - Click on "xxxM.exe" and Android will boot. Some Considerations: - Really nice boot animation. - It starts really faster than standard CM6B2. - It works smooth and fast. - It is in Chinese, but you can change the language in settings (good luck). You can change the keyboard language too, but it's preferable to change the whole keyboard because some Chinese characters won't disappear. - Nice widgets.... unfortunately in Chinese too. - A lot of Chinese stuff ... but you can delete it. - Some menus in settings will stay in Chinesse too. - Keys are different from standard: back=suspend and hung=back. - Untutu benchmark score with internal storage installation is between 1200 and 1300 (really fine). - Kernel: -> ipaq3870. -Bugs: - Camera is not working. - I can't try Wifi. It's not working under Android anymore since I flash my O2 last time. Sorry. - Phone and data connection works fine. Bye.
  2. There is not system/data/misc/bcm_supp.conf file. It's located in another path, but even if I deleted it Wifi isn't working. Even after a fresh automatic SD install with defaults parameters. I can see about 5 files with wifi configuration data involved: init.rd, build.prop, wifi.conf, wpa_supplicant.conf and bcm_supp.conf. Maybe you could share yours. I'm almost pretty sure that it's related to ROM or Phone part. Can I come back to JD9 or JD6 phone part without flashing the ROM again? I really like the ROM I'm using now. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been using Cyanogen in my O2 phone for a very long time quite successfully and every working really fine, but I stopped using it after having bought a new phone. Recently I've trying to up-to-dating my old O2 (nostalgic?) but now I can't get Wifi to works. When I push the wifi switch I always get the message "error", and Wifi never starts. The only thing I've change in my O2 recently. it's the WM ROM. Is it possible that this new ROM and CSC (Phone_I8000XXJJ1.bin and I8000PROJJ1.csc) is affecting Wifi under Android? Could I change some parameters in the configuration files under Android in order to avoid flashing back my phone to the original ROM parts? Thanks in adance
  4. Please, we need a mirror because it's impossible to download this file if you are not Chinese ¡¡ I've tried to sing up at 115.com but obviously I can't pass through the captcha check, hehehe... Google translate ROM description Bye.
  5. I have now some issues with angry birds rio textures. Any idea?
  6. Don't worry about 360 Launcher. It's slowly and laggy for sure. I've tried it some days ago, and it's quite far from LauncherPRO. Please everyone, stop saying "my personal configuration makes my phone faster", or "I have some tricks that make my phone work like a Galaxy II". It's not true man. Chaninfire, tweaks, SD speedup... its all bo-s***. For now the only launcher lag free is LauncherPRO with no animations. And regarding the tweaks... I've tried over one hundred millions tweaks, and there isn't a significant speed up. Stock version of CyanogenMod Beta2 works fine as is. Bye.
  7. Hi Zatan, Finally I gave up with manual installation in beta2 and got it with the automatic installer over my class 10 SD Card. - All steps are done under Ubuntu, using only Disk Utility and Gparted, and ALWAYS as ROOT. To be root under ubuntu open a terminal -> "sudo passwd" -> Logoff -> Logon as root with the password chosen before. - Backup your Internal (copy and paste). - Erase all partitions from Internal and create one primary of full size. Format as FAT32. It will be blk1p1. - Unplug USB and in setting menu>Memory select the option "Recover My Memory" (I don't know exactly in English...), so as to WinMobile re-create again the filesystem properly (Pocketfs.sys). - Copy and paste again your backupfiles to your Internal (except Pocketfs.sys, obiously). - Extract ALL files from "cm_beta2.zip" to the root directory of the Internal memory. - Run "androidinstall.exe". It takes a long time... and at the end it even creates itself the properly starup.txt. Automatic installer is really nice :) * SD Card must be "untouched". I mean... it's not necessary to create the partitions. The installer will. I don't know the reason because manual install is not working for me, but... who cares? Now everything works like a charm :) Salu2.
  8. I know. I meant I couldn't see the second logo, it always freeze after "jump to kernel" message in very small leters. It was a strange problem. Something has to be changed in this release because manual installation never failed to me. Anyway now it's working... and it's working really fine :) Thanks.
  9. **SOLVED** Hi, I've a problem with this new release that I've never experienced. The KERNEL doesn't detect my Internal Memory, so: - If I try an automatic installation it detects correctly my Internal Memory (blk1p5) but it can't mount it. Error "Cant mount internal FLASH!!!!!!!! Rebooting in 10 sec....". - If I try a manual instalation (make ext4 and swap on SD, extract ext4.tar.gz, edit startup.txt, etc.) it hangs up in boot logo (jump to kernel). I have my "Internal Memory" as a Logical Drive, blk1p5 and it's working perfectly under WinMobile. I've installed it HUNDRED of times, over SD, Internal, automatic, manual... etc. I'm experienced with linux, installations, partitions, programming... etc. but this time I'm lost. EDIT: I've tried manual installation over Internal memory (as many times...) but I can't even get see the pink screen. After crc check and Jump to kernel message it hangs up. I've tried also formating Internal as Primary partition (and change startup.txt, blk1p2 obviously) but with the same result. After jump to kernel it hangs up. I never can see even pink screen. Any help? EDIT2: Finally automatic installation + Internal as Primary partition worked.
  10. Yesterday I've immersed my O2 in the bath but now It doesn't work, I don't know why :angry: Seriously... Is it REALLY necessary to download FOUR applications at the same time? I can't get the point... You know that we have SERIOUS problems of memory with our O2. Please, be more friendly with our little toy :lol: Bye. PD: Bye the way... 99% of questions posed here are solved a HUNDRED times. Please read ¡¡¡ A little of reading wont hurt your eyes.
  11. USB is working fine to me. Both Windows and Ubuntu recognise the phone as USB Mass Storage. I can transfer files, synchronise contacts, etc. I've using CM for days and I haven't notice any SOD. Everything is working like a charm. Bye. PD: I'm still missing Fm Radio.
  12. Uhmmmm...... but now the updates are easier than using CWM. In fact the updates are easier than any native Android phone, because you only have to copy and paste, bro. And if something goes wrong you only have to copy and paste again :-) Porting to ROM involves a high "bricking" risk. Just think about it.... nowadays installing Android on our O2 is a bit problematic to many people who have to deal with partitions, linux, etc. Whenever you flash your ROM part there's a certain provability of bricking your phone, even if you are an expert. So just think about not so experts... it's awful. Besides ROM memory it's not much faster than "Internal Memory", so I can't see the point of installing Android into ROM memory. Maybe so as to free some memory... Another point against is that NOW you can choose between WM and Android. But there isn't enough space in ROM for both. Bye.
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