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  1. Hi Ryrsy I so love this rom i would love to make some changes and add some things. :) The main thing im asking about is full screen in coming call is missing. Regards OzJason
  2. Had some of the same problems. with sim in and run settings a few times . Still no good at all back to 6.1 for me
  3. Hi Guys/Girls I was wondering if some sort of Apple operating system can be installed on my i900 ? And if so any links would be grate thanks. Regards OzJason
  4. My only problem with this rom is the top and bottom windows bars are still there Regards Jason
  5. How to Hard Reset the Samsung OmniaMany people do not know how to hard reset the Omnia phone. The manual does not teach you the trick of doing this. 1.Press the soft reset hole beside your power button 2.Press the Call and Cancel Button together when you see the Samsung Omnia on the screen 3.The Reset Screen appear This is a snapshot of the Samsung Omina Reset screen. (Image from mobilesilence.blogspot.com) This hard reset does not erase the 16GB memory. To reset everything, you could use the software hard reset by going to Settings > Hard Reset. There is also option to format the storage card. If you decided not to format and press cancel, that will soft reset the phone. Regards Jason Austin The above information comes to you care of http://www.pspmyspace.com/omnia/2008/09/how-to-hard-res.html
  6. Hi Guys/Girls Will anything on the T*OMNIA be able to be ripped to the I900? Would be nice to have soem of the updated stuff in a new cooked rom. Regards Jason
  7. OzJason

    Internet Access Question

    I have some idaers if would like to PM me EDIT the reason why i said PM me is cause i spent 15 mins typing it all up then boom all gone after spell check ! EDIT
  8. 19.Oct.09 Here, my best rom till now i900DTHJ5 --- For using with Grandpix XP or Vista, NOT RECOMMEND FOR NOOB! http://rapidshare.com/files/154372462/i900DTHJ5.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/154435067/i900DTHJ5.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/154496205/i900DTHJ5.part3.rar
  9. Thanks for the heads up and im just finding out now that omnia is coming to Asutralia. My problem is that i got mine foirm over seas and cant wait to get my hands on the Aus Rom so i can use the dam thign properly lol
  10. Hi Guys, I was reading all the codes in the top of this forum and noticed there are codes for Australia. I was wondering if any one knows a way to change mine to a AUS i900 with in one of the downloaded ROMS? Or can any one tell me how to remove and replace the service provifers with in the phone i want to add all the Aus phone providers, So i can use dam wap and be able to send and receive mms with no problems and extra data charges. And has any one worked out how to expand the Program memory to use part of the 8/16Gig storage? And if some one cooks up a ROM and adds more stuff and removes some things how bad would this affect the overall size of the program size? My i900 phones version is PDA: i900DXHH3/DZHH3 PHONE: i900DXHH3 Regards, Jason A
  11. Hi guys my version is PDA : i900DXHH3/DZHH3 Phone:

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