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  1. i can´t put it on my i600... the file is in .hme... is that correct? i put it in Application Data > Home ... what i'm i doing wrong?
  2. Hi! I followed a guide in this forum to update my i600 with wm5 to wm6... however I have a problem... when i play a song, it works fine with the media player open, but when i push do red button or the back button, the player pauses the song! and if i click play again (this time on the card whell), it pauses again automaticly and so on... is this some kind of bug?
  3. on my current i600BBGA2 I can't find the option "Preconfiguration" after typing *#1546792*#... is this option only available on i600XXGD1 or am I looking on the wrong place? PS: sorry about the double post...
  4. i thought it was an option on the i600...my bad...
  5. i can´t find the option to disable usb connection... what do i do? there is one option were i have to choose between active sync or mass storage...is there it? do i choose mass storage?

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