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  1. after upgrade to latest rom my omnia makes such beautiful pictures .. these are from my last flight on Sunday ...
  2. Hi I noticed two things after isntalling SPB Mobile Shell 3 with Imarche skins; - After synchronizing my Omnia with PC with Active sync my ringing melody is reset and all contacts in Contacts folder are deleted, i have to add them again - pics of the contact are not displayed for incoming calls in call log .. strange .. if i call outgoing the picture will show in call log, when the same person calls me back, picture won't be shown in call log - S2u2 - all of sudden it displays me the same appointment twice when locked with s2u2 Thanks for possible solutions or answers!
  3. Hi I noticed that when my battery comes to 10%, phone switches to flight mode .. after it is charged for a while i can switch it back on. Any idea? Thank you
  4. i have uninstalled S2U2 .. a call came in and i see a picture of caller, a naswer and ignore button, but display is locked .. maybe some setttings?
  5. this things is getting better and better .. keep up the good work .. for us .. Omnia users B)
  6. at the moment i'm using SPB mobile shell .. and marche skins .. Cani install this one, just to see how it looks like? Or must i uninstall spb? Thank you
  7. i took to it official service .. dunno what they did .. now is everything OK
  8. exactly. I would laso like to use cameralight + spb shell + spb watcher
  9. Hi guys I noticed strange problem. If i hold Omnia in my hands, and if it fall from my hand on the desk .. no matter what height, 4 cm is enough ... it gets off. I have to turn it on. Strange .. it shouldn't be that sensitive .. or is bad battery contact, or software thing .. dunno ... Thank you
  10. Hi Friend told me, so he heard, that it is possible to have GARMIN XT voice when routing via BlueTooth on car system speakers. I didn't find anything on my Omnia to set to .. Is it possible at all?
  11. maybe offtopic When my Omnia pairs with my PC it gives me only directory My Documents .,. how can i access My Storage? Thank you
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