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  1. Pls share the steps to change the soft key names from German (Kontakte and Festle..) to Eng.
  2. @Stric, chaninc & ebsbow: in which version? Could it be 23548 by chance? Someone told me about it... and I think I forgot to remove the beta reminder in that version. I usually remove the beta reminder, but when doing lots of roms and lots of modifications... Anyway, you could do it yourself simply by deleting this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Device Beta] I used yr 23549 rom. I deleted the key as you suggested, but it set itself again after soft-reset. How would you remove this beta reminder completely?
  3. I'm getting the same notifications "Windows trial will expire in 30 days". How can i fix this?
  4. Hi Steff195, I'm trying your new 23549 m2dv2 rom. I've found one thing, the home weather does not show the city and can't be updated, it always shows partly cloudy..Could you correct this?
  5. In s2u2 setting, set "Power Save Mode" and "Don't Suspend Power" in Advance tap "OFF".
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