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  1. Hi, I have looked through the printing apps and they only seem to be able to print google mail and not Exchange mail (work). Any advice from the Modaco hive mind? Thanks Lee
  2. No auto settings facility eg: the ones you talked about would work. As I understand it WP7 by default sets up data and MMS durng the first time it sees the SIM. Therefore a hard reset was the only solution. Not sure if that need is still there with varius updates?
  3. I had to reset my phone with the Tesco SIM in and it picked up the correct settings. Must be some settings only collected on reset.
  4. please remove this
  5. Hi, I have an unlocked HTC Mozart. The SMS works fine but the MMS does not. In the connection setup there is a Tesco Mobile setting but when I reselect it no change. Any ideas? Lee
  6. Here's my Dell chat thread. 21:17:06 Lee Initial Question/Comment: Where in the UK can I hold a Dell Venue Pro Phone to see how big it feels in my hand? Also if I buy direct from Dell will it be locked to T-Mobile as I am with Tesco Mobile at the moment? Lee 21:17:26 raghava_reddy_varala Welcome to Dell Chat Sales, This is Raghav, your Dell Sales Advisor. 21:17:31 raghava_reddy_varala Hello Lee 21:17:56 raghava_reddy_varala You can check them at the Stores Lee 21:18:12 raghava_reddy_varala Please check at PC world, Tesco or Curry's 21:18:18 raghava_reddy_varala They are unlocked version Lee Lee
  7. Thank Ash, I read on the Dell product reviews that it comes with a T-Mobile SIM and T-Mobile could not supply unlock codes for some reason. And I also read that someone had to wait 60 days before T-Mobile could unlock the phone. But I will clarify with Dell. Thanks Lee
  8. Hi, Where in the UK can I hold this device to see how big it feels in my hand? Also if I buy direct from Dell will it be locked to T-Mobile as I am with Tesco Mobile. Thanks Lee
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if Tesco Mobile are going to be stocking any Windows Phone 7s? Thanks Lee
  10. I mean't to say that I want to disable the reminder audio but I still want to be reminded of the birthday eg: I still want the txt reminder. Lee
  11. Hi, I may be missing something obvious here but I will ask anyway then take the flack! :-) I have various All Day Events in my calendar including my birthdays and at 00:00 the start of an All Day Event an audible short reminder sounds. My phone is not set to silent because I use it for my morning alarm. My question is whether it is possible to disable the All Day Event reminder but not disable the alarm? Thanks Lee
  12. ok I will give another upgrade a go... Cheers fingers crossed!! Lee
  13. Hi, The first time I got the phone I added my hotmail account and when I went to Manager Folders under the menu I could see my list of folders and had an option to check them if I wanted them to be sync'd. Since I have upgraded my firware to ACHJ2 the phone only sees the standard folders :- Deleted Items Drafts Outbox Sent Items Do you reckon I should upgrade my firmware again? Lee
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