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  1. I know that this is an old topic, but is there any workaround for that already? Help appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  2. Did you port the xip correctly? OR do you use visual kitchen?
  3. Got the same error on friday. Don't know how exactly i solved it, but I think I went over it again and ported the 28002 again. Think it was some kind of registry error.. Don't know exactly what caused it. Try cooking with a fresh kitchen. The error lays within SYS.
  4. Got it! :) It was the Transcriber! So for all of you having the same problems: Remove all the Transcriber Packages in SYS and you're ready to go!
  5. Hi. As you could tell from my topic title I can't get Samsung Keyboard get working in new 23081 Build. 'It works like a charm in 21857 with the same OEM folder, so the problem must lay in SYS folder. I've added a Screen of my folder. Maybe I deleted too much or forgot to delete anything or I don't know. Help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hehe that's awesome! I love it. I just finished my rom, and that i almost a quater of the time it normally takes me. No more xip.bin booting, no more copying and deleting files that is really kick ass my friend =) Thanks a lot for that really great programm!!!! (of course I'll mention you when publishing my next rom) And that with now 137MB of free memory.. =) :) :D BTW: Do you mind if I publish this on program on another - German - Forum?
  7. Hehe thanks for your quick reply. thought so too, but double check is better than ruining my phone =). Ok than I'll give it a shot =) EDIT: But i guess i have to use XIP folder from my german rom right? otherwise it won't boot...
  8. Hi Ryrzy! Just stumbled across your thread and it seems pretty cool =) Just a few question: Will this work on german roms too? because if i don't copy .vm and .rom to sys where will it get these files from? Secondly: You said copy MSXIPkernel to Rom. do i need to put the ported xip.bin in there or can I use the on da_g provides in his thread? Most importand, sorry if I ask a question already answered: Will it work with 6.5 roms or do I have to change anything for thaT? Thanks for your help.
  9. You checked OemApps folder? for instance: smplayer.exe...mui is the samsung touch player, and this can'T lay in windows folder =) I'm sure you'll find all the other muis there.
  10. Hi. Sorry I'm not on holidays or taking a few days of, but I have a lot to do at university at the time, so that I can hardly find time to build new roms. But i do regularly check my PMs, so if you would read my first post, you would know that you just have to write me a pm to get the pw. Thanks and sorry for keeping you wainting so long...
  11. You can see the difference on the screenshots. 21857 has the "old" taskbar, whereas the 230xx Builds have the "new" taskbar on the bottom and is more finger friendly..
  12. I was trying your oem package now, but it doesn't work for me? First af all there are 3 files both in Album manager and in Manila folder. Secondly I get an error when building rgu: ..... importing registry file ".\Registry\4edcdfe2-a9ba-4587-af46-643bf03b0d8f.rgu"... Failed to parse HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\3gpfile\Shell\Open\Command!!! InitRegistry FAILED in file ".\Registry\4edcdfe2-a9ba-4587-af46-643bf03b0d8f.rgu" within a few lines of line 484. ImportFromPackageListStrict: (RGUComp) !ERROR failed importing ".\Registry\4edcdfe2-a9ba-4587-af46-643bf03b0d8f.rgu" wmain: (RGUComp) !ERROR failed building DEFAULT hives You know what's wrong there?
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