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  1. Thanks for the first impressions. Could you update with battery life stats once you've had some time with the device?
  2. Managed to add a 16GB Nexus 4 to my basket, proceed to checkout only for it to disappear when trying to change delivery address. After that it was constant basket emptying and server crashes, which is a shame. On the plus side it will be nice to have that £279 +P&P in my account until it's back in stock again.
  3. This also fixed the missing WidgetDownload odex file error. Thanks!
  4. My SD card corrupted so thought I would try and fresh wipe and install this ROM, particularly as after factory resetting my Desire I was stuck in a boot loop. However after baking twice - both with and without any HTC widgets selected when I try and flash I am told that there is a missing file: system/app/WidgetDownloadManager.odex E:Verification failed Installation aborted All I would like to do is flash this ROM. Can anyone upload this file or something so I can add it to the bake and see if that works?
  5. GMote may be the best option as recommended as though a Boxee remote app is available, I personally use it and it does the job as a remote, it doesn't specifically show media files to select and play.
  6. I'm off to France in September for 4-5 days and I'm in need of a GPS app which I could use for the duration as we'll be driving quite a distance. Though Google Navigation is currently what I use and is sufficient for most of the time, I don't want to incur massive data roaming charges when I am abroad. What is the general consensus on Android's best GPS navigation app? I've seen CoPilot advertised at £42 with a map of Europe, though this is pretty much the only thing I came across.
  7. I've had the market force closing on me after Fast Web Installer failed to install. Now it is stuck downloading and any attempts to cancel it force closes the Market. Wiping the cache or Dalvik cache in recovery doesn't resolve the issue. From the last ROM to today's latest version without flash doesn't solve it. No worries, though this is a fanatic release, I usually factory reset anyway. Looking forward to all future releases, thanks Paul.
  8. Turns out the problem I was having with the HTC IME keyboard force closing was just due to the incompatible with FroYo version I had installed. Now everything is pretty much running smoothly.
  9. HTC_IME kept on force closing on the previous build, which I tried to ignore by using Swype. This time I chose to try and install HTC_IME manually and it still force closes. Though I mainly use Swype, it is still pretty buggy and chooses not to work once in a while and without a useable keyboard (touch input is not available). Can anyone offer any advice? EDIT: Also, thanks for the update for the 'H' icon. I've been missing it.
  10. I'm on Virgin UK and can't get a 3G/HSDPA signal at all, though 4 bars are shown I can't connect to the Internet. After searching for networks I cannot see Virgin though does automatically go with T-Mobile which may be normal. I'm not sure if I am doing something incorrectly, but as far as it seems this is the extent of manually setting APN's. Any ideas?
  11. Using Titanium Backup it says it cannot get root access despite it clearly showing up in SuperU until I download the latest version of Busybox (which upon reboot of the phone I have to re-download) and leaves the message 'Titanium Backup has been granted Superuser permissions' on the screen unless I reboot the phone. Will report any new issues as I use the ROM - so far really fantastic. +1 :-D
  12. Have you tried removing, then re-adding the widget and selecting location? I don't use my location for weather as I have set it manually, but could be worth a try.
  13. I think after flashing Paul's latest FroYo ROM I will be content with it for the next 4-5 weeks until Sense FroYo comes out. Very much looking forward to this, especially for the extra goodies.
  14. I can say on my Desire that Chrome to Phone is working fine. Just wish there was a fix for the annoying green bar along the top of streamed videos.
  15. Flashed without wipe, all is working fine on this end. Also the HiRes camera mod and Black status bar zips flashed successfully with reboots in between. Pinch to zoom in the browser working without issue.
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