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  1. Do you format to NTFS or FAT32? I think it has to be the last one with storage cards.
  2. Look for original dialer over here; http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...ons-repository/
  3. Thank you!!... Just want to say that my battery is getting better every day and it's still the original. I use a lot of internet and tcpmp player and battery will still last for days...
  4. Here's a new link for pdhee's i900 rom; PDhee_i900Omnia_23545.5.5.0_Lite_beta1 http://www.2shared.com/file/JNTPtg7K/i900-...0ZH-ID1-xx.html Click the link in the box that says; Save file to your PC: click here
  5. Tnx to Vostradamus this is how my screenie looks today! Very happy with the thin bottom bar for more icons on my SPB MS startpage! :)
  6. Anyone know why I can't install new keyboards? Tried EZInput keyboard, SPB keyboard and the normal Samsung keyboard but can't select them in input option. I'm using the lite rom.
  7. Sorry but after flashing 3 times with different Ock roms I'm turning back to P_Dee's rom. No problem with his rom, very strange. <_<
  8. Yes me too, same problem but not before. Also installing a new keyboard will not work. Tried with premium and ultra lite. <_<
  9. Will the cab files be removed after installation, because I would really like them to stay in the XDA_UC folder for the next time I will reflash my phone. <_<
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