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  1. Okay, i tried both - the newest DX... and the PU... versions. in my eyes there is absolutely NO difference in wlan or battery life compared to BWIB2 - which i used before. And when i read that some people even destroyed their devices while upgrading, and others speaking of a 10 percent chance of bricking, i would not recommend anyone to take that risk. i have a feeling that maybe some described changes aren't "objective" enough.. dont know how to say that in english. correct me if i'm wrong :D cheers
  2. I already tried to find information about this, but i hope that someone who has experience reads this post and can give me an answer.. i'm on the german network of o2 and the phone part is BWIB2 - i flashed the pda rom several times and now i use DXID1 which came with OCK's latest rom. is it somehow important to choose the phone part regarding the network i'm using (o2 germany)? what are the advantages of flashing the phone part? is it worth upgrading or not too much improvements? which phone part should i download? i hope someone is willing to help :rolleyes: thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Again - Outstanding work! Thank you very much and hope you'll be back soon!! Could someone please post a standalone cab for the Adobe Reader which is cooked into the premium version.. Thanx <_< pizzajunge
  4. could someone plz upload the background image? thx a lot
  5. absolutely stunning work! just installed the classic titanium version, and it is the fastest rom i have ever used! feels a bit like the phone has been exchanged! and i tried a lot other roms before. honestly, i cant believe it, this rom is what i was looking for since i bought my omnia in august 2008! thanks a lot man! cheers pizzajunge p.s.: i know you're planning to drop classic titanium updates in the future, but plz think it over!!!
  6. Hi Anzo! could you plzzz mirror this rom too? i wanna try that threaded email thing - is it right that threaded email is not part of 28205? thanks a lot, keep up the good work! cheers
  7. Guter Mann!! Kannst Du bitte auch ein ROM köcheln das ohne M2D ist und nur Titanium hat?
  8. hi! i'm planning to do upgrade my omnia - still using kuanchais 21921, and it works just perfect, but its always better to have something new :D) could someone plz tell me if there are complications between 23081 with the taskbar on bottom and spb mobile shell 3.5? furthermore are there any other progs that have issues with the new taskbar? thanx a lot and thanx a lot to you kuanchai! excellent work!
  9. HI! Try to adjust the resolution of your new wallpaper to the same resolution the spb pictures have. I guess its 72 dpi, but just have a look in the (detailed) properties of the picture. Cheers
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