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  1. Thanks MickJack! I must have missed that one .. as per wiiman2012's post I edited the file on the phone (starting at the root) /cust/vodafone/gb/xml/voicemail-conf.xml and changed the Tesco number from 905 to 443, rebooted and it works without fault. I didn't have to mess about coping files here to there or changing permissions. That worked a treat! now for the operator Info ..
  2. Cheers mate that worked a treat ;) not to try n change vodafone to giff gaff in settings/about phone operator and country info ..any ideas???? ;) oh and also get a signal from giff gaff as mines still off!!!!grrrr
  3. Hey guys, Just got my g300 set up and working just they way I like but I have a problem with the voicemail settings, I cannot change it from 905 to 443 (giffgaff)I get Call settings error. And also in setttings/about phone/operator and country info, It says Vodafone? Is there Any way to change this info without having to reflash the lot? I have rooted it btw installed cwm and unlocked the bootloader with the help of the very easy guide that has been put together in this forum .. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into making this a great place for help and info ;) Mike
  4. yeah its the same version b936 .I havent rooted so I used the offical update via sd card as I dont have cwm installed as of yet .if you have cwm installed just follow those instructions mate .I don't know the score on updating via sdcard with root the official way maybe ask some of the guys here they have alot more knowledge than me ;)
  5. Hey BigEric, I bought a g300 with the offer from tesco the other week and have been lurking exactly the same waiting for the BIG UPDATE. I finally bit the bullet and installed the official ICS leaked version via sdcard method ..seems ok for what I need so far

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