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  1. have u tried point ui phone? i looks promising
  2. hi, i have been using the apollon version of yours, it was very great, thanks, but one thing, i cannot find any folder for utilities which has chome editor. is there any .cab i need to install? i want to add the text and remove others
  3. silly question, is there any chance to change our omnia lcd screen to omnia 2 amoled screen?
  4. just flashed to I2, from my opinion i think version H2 in faster then I2, when i press lock, the locked mode appear slower then H2, can you guys make that when we were in program mode and when we press ok, can it go back to honeycomb instead straight to titanium?anyway, very good job guys B)
  5. flashed G2 version, very nice though, its faster then last versions. good work guys. one problem i m facing here, it seems that there is no battery icon when in locked mode, any suggestion? thank you
  6. flashed G1b, thank you, got problems with wake up device, i left for 1 minute, it cannot wake up anymore had to soft reset, flashing back to 6.1 B)
  7. many thanks to you guys, mine can run the SS keyboard using black keyboard, mouse still cant be used the response still slow for today screen pointui home 2 run perfectly....nice there is one one distorted block in the middle of the screen when i installed voice command
  8. can we add samsung online today in this version of win mo? :( and good luck with the research
  9. the guys at xda dev had already installed win 6.5 in their xperia http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=475541 hope it will be coocked to omnia :(
  10. have you guys tries this ui, i had already tried, very nice ui here's the link http://www.pointui.com/products/home-2 maybe some of you can put in your new custom rom :(
  11. i've tried DXHL1, the memory seems lesser than the previous rom. the weather widget also had problems with updating the weather. Hope the cookers will cook the rom soon.
  12. hi, i just updated my omnia to DXHJ1, the thing is my omnia screen resolution has gone down, the picture taken before seems not sharp as in DXHH3 anybody experience this? tq
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