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  1. thank u so much :D i really don't know there was a wqvga edtion edit: but that's different i think this is windows 7 theme
  2. wow that's so cool please tell me all info ur rom ur tools tnx
  3. i have problem with weather :D ??????????? but clock is ok ! :angry:
  4. grigoris_a i still waiting for ur next project ur no.1 version is the best forever please create the same that
  5. don't know but here is my official topic for omnia special games on gameloft: http://forum.gameloft.com/index.php/topic,1989.0.html some games like real football 09 is the iphone version for omnia but i am thinking to buy new iphone 3gs ;)
  6. cool i want this wallpaper: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=34406 please upload it
  7. nooo ;) i tried to change 1 music icon in png file but all Today1 icons gone and hidden.....???? yes there should be a solution and this idea will be great to change today screen icons...... :D about launcher eah it's possible u need to change Launcher.exe.T1 file in Windows this is mine:
  8. so possible and can i change today 1 icons? i need to change both minitdyblackres96.dll minitdyres96.dll or only minitdyres96.dll?
  9. thank u very much "vinbeaver" :D for your pretty wallpapers do u have other sections? like tv series / windows mobile.......... ;)
  10. friend i don't have storage card it automatically wants to install to my device and create a folder there as storage card>program files>jblend
  11. but i have a problem there pleae help me ,i choice to intall it to "my storage" but after finish it just created the folder to my device>storage card>program files>jblend please solution? i want to install it to "my storage".......
  12. yes all Gameloft java games cos they are fullscreen on symbian phones finally is there any solution? maybe we need a registry edit!?
  13. no all java games are the same for me with tasbar and menubar
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