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  1. wooohhhhh!!! at last!!! a new rom from ock!!! i've been waiting for this!!! downloading now!! thanks ock!! :) :D :D
  2. Thanks a lot for the mirror!!! really need this so I can download... ;) @Ock Thanks for the new build.. will wait for the next... ;)
  3. Hi! I installed Build 28205 and its great! Unfortunately there is a bug where if you click menu button, popup menu will show up and the first menu is not visible. it only becomes visible after I change menu using dpad. how can i fix this? thanks in advance.. :D
  4. Please ignore. It's Alarm 5 and not Alarm 2. My bad. And I already found another source. For those interested, here is the link courtesy of shokka9: Alarm Tones
  5. Hi guys! I tried to download alarm tones but link is already broken. :D Can someone please re-upload it? Or you can just upload Alarm 2 from win 6.1. I want my old Alarm 2 tone back to wake me up in the morning. Thanks in advance.. :D
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