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  1. Great - thanks Paul!! Samsung Carousel on i600 was their own creation as far as I know was on WM5 originally. I'll keep an eye out for your review, although it seems like I am the only one this side of the pond who cares about QWERTY WM Standard!!
  2. HI Paul, Since my all time fave WM device was the Samsung sgh-i600, would be great to have any comparisons with this (or with your current BJII). In particular: - Navigation of voicemail/message inboxes/SMS etc with WM6.1 standard and any HTC enhancements to it? The Samsung carousel was one of the best UI's I have ever had. - How good is the keypad compared to say (dare I say it) a Nokia E71 or even to the Samsung BJ/i600/BJII/i780? - Would you personally use this (primarily as a messaging device for a number of email accounts) over something like a Touch Pro 2 for example (I appreciate this is a very subjective question, but despite trying most of them I have Never got on with WM Professional for messaging without using the stylus to navigate) - Comparison of what you can do on Exchange 2003 and 2007 would be interesting, but i guess out of scope for a review I am a really heavy messaging user, in fact really heavy voice user too and after using WM since the original SPV devices on Orange (original Sendo Z100 before that if anyone remembers as far back as that) I went to the dark side (iPhone 3G) with Nokia E71 and Samsung sgh-i600 as backup. I would dearly like to have a great landscape qwerty WM device again - still my old Samsung SGH-i600 hasn't been consigned to the heap purely for the reason that there is nothing to replace it. Can the Snap replace my i600 and more..............? Or is it just slightly better keys........... Incidentally is TomTom likely to support WM Standard again, ever? I notice they also are now punting an iPhone version..... Cheers Neil
  3. Windows Mobile2002-Now, pretty much everthing WM Smartphone ever made (including a Sendo Z100) Now, iPhone 3G with Gevy 3G SIM Thing in it + Samsung SGH-i600 Next - TouchHD Probably, if it truly is the first ever WM Professional touch screen device that I can actually use with my fingers. Might give the BB Storm a punt too just to see what the haptics feedback is really like.
  4. hooooooooooorrrrraaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! at last! not qwerty but at last a new smartphone!!
  5. .......and so with the piccies and the specs (assuming they are true) go my hopes (yet again) of a decent new qwerty WM Standard (Smartphone) device.......again.............anyone out there fancy getting a Nokia E71 to run WM ;-)...........................
  6. Does email and other messaging rotate to landscape or is it stuck in portrait mode? Are there any enhancements to the WM interface for reading/sending/creating email and other messages that HTC has added? thanks n
  7. I cant listen to the sound on the vid as I am at work. It looks like the messaging apps don't rotate - is this the case? Also was ti possible to pop up the qwerty side on in the messaging apps? was there enough screen real estate to make this usable. Looks like you still have to click the fiddly 'X' to close a message and go to the next one :D....
  8. Has the world gone touchscreen mad?? I currently use a Samsung SGH-i600 and had a dash before. Are there any QWERTY new form factor smartphones out there any more? Has anyone seen any new ones? (not an SGH-i620 or i640v as they have crappy touch buttons). Seems everyone wats touchscreen but I miss real buttons....! ALso seems that Smartphone edition or classic is loosing favour. I have tried with touch dual and samsung sgh-i780 to live with ppc professional but i just cant get used to it! Someone save me and recommend a new WM Smartphone or else perhaps the samsihng sgh-i600 is the pinacle of phone design for me - despite a few things that drive me nuts!
  9. Not strictly the correct forum, but best match i could find! Does anyone know if the SGH-i616/Samsung jack as it is known on FIDO in Canada is coming to Europe? I am desperate for a replacement for my aging SGH-i600 and the specs of the SGH-616 seem to be ok for European band GSM/GPRS/UMTS (unlike the BJII which is for NAmerica only). Anyone have any clue if this is going to make it across the pond?? Cheers N
  10. Hi H, if you look at the CDs that came with the touch dual there is a GPRS monitor software on there that give you data usage - you need to connect the phone to the PC via active sync andf then just install - I can't remember the name off it offhand, think it was Spbp monitor or somthing like that.
  11. Well, ho ho ho to everyone, hope Santa got you all what you wanted! Since I am back at work, after my week and a bit with my 20 Key touch I have gone back to my Samsung SGH-i600 and unfortunately I have to confess I am just a Win Mo standard king of a chap, after 10 minutes with my old phone I just like it better. I really wish there was a nice new toy to replace my i600 but it just does everything i want! (GPS one day would be nice though!) I guess since I started back here on Modaco with a Sendo Z100 (blast from the past) I have had various WinMo Standard (smartphone) and Win Mo Professional (PPC) devices but I am definitely not a touch screen person.... Old habits die hard so Win Mo Standard it is! I have to say that my Touch Dual is without a doubt the best WiMo professional device I have ever used and as Paul stated earlier in this thread there is rarely any need to use the stylus, it is very well optimized for using by hand only. The HTC Homescreen and touch Flo are superb but for my personal requirements the full QWERTY of my i600 and good old Win Mo smartphone do the trick. So, I haven't had time to take the photos and get it up on eBay yet but one 10 day old Touch Dual WWE (European) 20 Key will be up for sale in the proper section of Modaco later on this evening! Please don't take this as a negative feedback on the Touch Dual - it really is superb, we all have our preferences and I just get on better with the Samsung at the moment, I am sure fo every one of me there is someone else for whom the Touch Dual is the perfect device! Ok finally got around to listing this in the ebay section of this forum. Will throw in next day postage for free to registered MoDaCo Members
  12. gues i am just lucky ;-) probably user error on my part!
  13. yup BJII is a Smartphone or WM standard edition, believe the i780 is PPC/WM Professional. Back onto the touch dual - has anyone had trouble with the taskbar (start button, gprs indicater etc) disappearing? Mine keeps disappearing (not quite sure what is causing it. Going into touchflo and then back again brings it back but it is a bit of a pain. Also I keep loosing my Bluetooth connection to my Jawbone headset - anyone else had a BT issue? Otherwise I am liking this phone so far.....still missing qwerty though......
  14. Good idea - unfortuantly I still need to get them as otherwise the thing plays catch up on the ridiclous number of overnight email. (300 or so to weed through in the mornings whilst i am sat in traffic! (not me driving btw)) What a pain the alarm can't be set on silent - weird 'feature'
  15. thanks paul, mapping a key to 'ok' would be great. [ Off topic ] Also (noticed due to a 3am finish and 6am start) I see that alarms don't work if you have the silent profile selected in PPC. I think I need to use http://www.modaco.com/content/Daily/206371...und-Categories/ to tweak it? However is the Alarm Clock alarm linked to calendar notifications? basically my device is connected to exchange so I get notifications of email and appointments all through the night, the only thing I want to interrupt my slumber is the alarm clock alarm. Is it best to tweak the registry or is there a good third party app for this? [end of off topic] back onto the 20 key touch and i am missing my full qwerty at the moment but trying to persevere with it - will force myself to use it for a week or so and then see how I feel. so far for me personally (and my usage is a LOT of email messaging and talking): Touch Dual as best PPC (sorry windows mobile professional device) ever (and this includes various in various versions which didn't last long with me) Samsung SGH-i600 best WM Standard (Smartphone) ever (competing against HTC S series including Excalibur and S730) Winner of best WM device ever.............jury is out, need to keep using the touch dual for a couple of weeks but it isn't an instant winner for me.......not an instant looser either though......

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