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  1. This didn't work for me - going to replace mine as case loose and WIFI not working - flashed back to orange android 2.1 but still boots into clockwork mod using volumn down button. Any other ideas how to remove?
  2. Scrub the GPRS not working - that's fine. Still can't stay connected to any WIFI though or log into my gmail.com account - any ideas out there?
  3. Having done this last night I know it can be a bit of a tense time. The command prompt refers to a windows / linux / mac command prompt. I'm using windows so first I copied all the files to a c:\phone directory on my pc. Then I followed instructions and plugged in usb cable then on pc did the following: [list=1] [*]Start->Run->Cmd to bring up command prompt or search for cmd [*]type [b]cd/[/b] to get to root directory [*]type[b] cd phone[/b] to get to phone directory where I have copied files to [*]type command exactly as per instructions - note you will need clockwork to get the Android 2.2 update.zip to work [/list][/codebox] Hope this helps - Good luck
  4. Hi there I've been looking for the last few days to sort out some issues with my 02 SIM Orange SF that I have rooted and updated using guides from this site ( ;) Big thanks) . Now that I've got Android 2.2 working I am experiencing a couple of issues that combined together are crippling me: Two issues are: WIFI is dropping out and I know to solve this I need to download Blade Wifi from Andriod Market Whenever I try and connect to the Android Market via my gmail.com email account i'm getting Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server. this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care[/codebox] So I can't get onto the Android Market to fix it - any ideas of what to do? Also this might be related - my gps isn't working as it can't find my location (this might be inexperience on my part) but I can get on-line via the phone browser using the 02 UK Postpay MMS APN settings. Nothing else is different from std 2.2 build that you have the guide for - thanks guys! If you point me in the direction of how to get this working I'd be very grateful as so far I think this is a brilliant phone - would just love to pick up wifi! thanks
  5. Thanks for this - came across the same problem tonight on my SF - downloaded Clockwork from here Clockwork and then in the command prompt ran fastboot-windows flash recovery recovery-clockwork- then ran fastboot-windows reboot. Then booted to clockwork menu and successfully ran the update.zip. Afterwards on reboot the Green Android splash screen seemed to stay that way for ages but be patient it will work - now running 2.2 without orange bloatware - good times!
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