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  1. hi, i have a question, i am using the latest manila classic rom and want to play music with manilas music tab, i have installed audio manager 2.2 cab that provided in the second post but there is something missing, i can play music but it doesnt show the album artworks... can anybody help me please? i searched the forum and googled it but couldnt find anything...
  2. hi OCK! i like your roms and i have some little suggestions... i prefer manila classic to m2dv2, its more stable and faster normally.. but at your manila classic rom, m2d version is a little bit buggy i think.. the weather tab has no rain animation, and the today wallpaper and the backgroud .png's are doesnt changing... i try it from m2d and m2dc but no luck ;) rzryz has ported m2d v1_20_19131530_00 and it works very nice, stable and fast... so you can say than you should use rzryz's roms lol but i love your roms, so maybe you can talk to him and get permission to use that ported m2d classic in your roms... and it will be great i think.... ps: sorry about my bad english, i wish you can understand what i mean... have a nice day bro.
  3. Hi... it is a great theme... best one i've saw so far... but it didnt work on my device... i follow your intructions step by step and i'm sure i've done it correctly but there is only a black screen... you say that install the wad2 version 2.6.1 but i've the version that is the latest one regarding the website of the wad2 am i wrong? http://www.lakeridgesoftware.com/products/...AdvanceDesktop/ what should i do in order to use your fantastic theme? p.s. sorry about my bad english... have a nice day.
  4. hi guys, i downloaded the black rom but i dont know what will i do with that file... it is not exe, it is .bin file... how can i flash with this file?
  5. thnx, i was reading them, actually i found two guys in taril's thread, but i cant find how did they resolved it yet.. i'm searching.. thnx for your reply...
  6. hi qbus and sector, please help me... i flashed my omnia with your winmo65 rom and now i have a problem... it continously restarts over and over... it loads windows and after than restarts again... loop restart :S or something like that, i searched the forum but i cant find anything like this, coluld you please help me about this? i dont know what to do now... i try to flash back to my country's official rom but it still restarts itself.. and i cant take it to a technical service, you know, its the warranty problem, customs roms make the phone out of warranty... any way.. please help me.. thank you very much... ps: soory about my bad english... hope you can understand what i mean... thnxx...
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