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  1. What, no nipple in the unboxing vid? I'm disappointed to say the least, brotha. Here's what I need to know: where can I get my tones? It's nice and all that you can stream zedge.net's material, but as far as saving the tones, my G1 and I aren't seeing eye-to-eye. Get at me, bruh... Thanks.
  2. the main moon

    android released as open source

    Ehh, I doubt it. HTC is known for some pretty quirky phones, and I wouldn't be surprised if Google told them to stay far, far away from the software entirely.
  3. the main moon

    Who is gonna get one?

    Holla. 12 hours, 41 minutes. Can't wait.
  4. the main moon

    Android Market Wish List

    Let me know what kind of stuff you'd like to see, and what should be a part of every Android owner's collection arsenal of applications. I'll start: - Pandora or Last.fm - On-screen keyboard - Twitter-style organizer/GPS tracker (so your fellow 'Droids know when to not bother you) Can't wait to hear what you guys want. EDIT: Multi.Freaking.Touch.

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