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  1. Milestone is out! :) Paul, when do you merge it in your next update ?
  2. Baseband indeed didn't update. CM changed the bootmenu. you have to first enable developers options (repeatedly click build number in 'about phone' screen), then go to CM system options to enable advanced boot menu.
  3. Everything seems to work fine with R5! Including Apollo (no music on my phone though)
  4. Paul, got ideas for a new build? Maybe just the latest nightly? It includes some fixes like updates in Chronos.
  5. Latest R2 isn't working. Fresh install crashes constantly (gapps errors). Can't get past the install wizard. So not usable at the moment. Will try to restore an R5 image and update it to this version.
  6. Updated my R1 first, gave me Gapps errors. Did a full wipe/del cache/dalvik cache but again: Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped Got any idea why?
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