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  1. I wouldn't expect support to continue with future rom updates. My best suggestion to you is to jump on the custom roms bandwagon.
  2. Mine has/had the same problem as the original poster. For me, what helps is to use the stylus and vigorously rub the screen in the area that's misbehaving. HARD. Tapping it very hard in the area helps as well, I don't know if the resistive cells aren't contacting properly or need stimulating, I'm really not sure why it works for me but it does. Also don't worry about breaking the screen, it's surprising (excuse the pun) resistive.
  3. mnegutu, compile rev 153 instead please. I think they fixed the access point discovery bug and did some key remapping. In any case, as of now, 153 is the latest. cheers
  4. finaldestiny


    Hey! Nice work on the application. Tested it and it works fine on my omnia, thought I had to install the smi_wm_sdk cab file before it could work. I didn't realize it was working at first though because I expected the backlight to go off (screen go black) as well when the screen is locked through the light sensor or accelerometer :D Any chance of adding that? It would be the only feature I would say is missing. Also, the user interface is fine and useable, it could do with a bit more spice to it though (just my humble opinion) <==Mainly irrelevant & unnecessary though! Thanks for the great app ;)
  5. finaldestiny

    Linux on Samsung Omnia

    I thought the guys working on andromnia already fixed the touchscreen issue? It's working beautifully now I hear. Nonetheless, good luck!
  6. It's best to get them on irc. That's where their developers are most of the time. irc.freenode.net #andromnia
  7. Where did you purchase, and how much did it cost? Do you have links?
  8. I don't think the ringtone/vibration delay has to do with performance, it is very likely that it was just designed this way. Unless we're not thinking of the same thing. As for the iGo8, no experience with that, but the music for sure causes the device to slow down, not because it can't handle multitasking music and doing sumting else, but simply because the processor is slowed to increase battery life. Once you release the processor limits you find that the Omnia is quite capable of playing music in the bg without missing a beat. ;)
  9. finaldestiny

    what is your omnia setup??

    I was saying that you should do normal update really just to familiarize yourself with the update process in the safest manner (in the unlikely event something did go wrong you could carry it back as it's be still under warranty). I believe you can safely cross update/flash as much as you like, regardless of which one you're currently using, just don't go waaay back and choose a really old one tho ;) btw...stay away from GrandPrix... stick to just the .exe files. Good luck.
  10. LoL we can trade Omnias then :D lol mine feels rather warm after just a few minutes of wifi activity, which I really don't think is necessary or whatever, but I've come to accept it as just how the device works. And it's not like it's a painful burn or anything either, but I guess it doesn't help that I live in a pretty warm climate. Your experience is almost like the opposite of mine lol I too had the choice and went with the Omnia, but for me the quirks didn't really stop until I got SPB 3 (which was recently, and yeah, I do recommend it to anyone who isn't liking Omnia's default interface) I somewhat regret not going with the iPhone now, partly because of the updates from Apple it's gonna continue getting, but more so because I've been meaning to do some app development anyway, and obviously need a test machine. Ah c'est la vie. Let's just leave it as both phones have their respective cons and pros, which obviously appeal differently to various ppl so a definite winner can never really be found ;)
  11. finaldestiny

    what is your omnia setup??

    Before flashing with win 6.5 or any of the custom ROMs, you should try a normal update/flash that Samsung has provided (you can get it from here - http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp) Just follow all instructions carefully, if you mess up, ya brick ya phone ;) (tip: Ensure your battery is fully charged and use phillipines as location to get the latest ROM)
  12. I'm going based on what OS is on it now. I got pulled into the Omnia because of it's rich features. I didn't realize that I might've ended up not utilizing most of them because it was far too frustrating using them through Windows Mobile. SPB 3 came along and it was great being able to get to different features without getting angry lol I still have to interact with the default messaging application though... :D lol This a far cry from a flame war! I have no personal ties with either phone. I was, as you, just sharing my views on both phones. I don't mind criticizing a device (and certainly, neither phone is perfect) but it did just seem to me like people were just... 'hating' (for lack of a better, shorter term). Like I said, I don't think the iPhone is as bad as they were making it sound. (& yes, I was, and still am, one of the few people who defends Windows Vista, so maybe I just like being a minority :) ) btw... I've only used the first generation iPhone briefly. I've never used the others at all. I've owned the Omnia for about 7 months now. I think it's fair to say that I'm one of you 'Omnia people'. ;) I wasn't aware that the iTouch was having heat issues as well after iPhone OS 3.0...do you have a link to that? I obviously wouldn't know every single case of over heating, but I do know that my Omnia heats up all the time, during what I consider is regular use. Obviously iPhone users aren't accustomed to that.
  13. At least support is on it's way. I'm surprised Apple doesn't have a Pages or Numbers app built in to the iPhone, would've been a great way to encourage more people to iWork. I wonder what if there's a jail-break app that supports Office though, I didn't check there. Probably not though. The thing I've noticed with Apple's iPhone ads are that they self serving. Most other companies are trying to imitate and compete against it, usually comparing their phone against Apple's and basically saying why it's better. Apple is just chugging along at their own pace, and they can, after all, whatever they're doing is obviously working as everyone is trying to bring out the 'iPhone killer'. So when Apple announces new features like 'copy and paste' and makes a big deal out of it, it's because it's market strategy doesn't involve comparing to other phones. So it doesn't even matter if it's been done before or if it implemented better elsewhere since Apple is basically just ignoring all the other smart phones out there. That's just how I see it anyway. I'm not a big fan of choosing phones because of their specs anymore. I made that mistake once and learnt my lesson then. It makes no sense having top of the line features if it's implemented poorly, or if the interface to it is confusing, buggy, ugly etc. I just don't think it's a good idea to have all that power when it's a pain to use it.
  14. Mostly likely very far away. For the developers, this is last on the list of things to tackle. They're working on the smaller stuff first.
  15. finaldestiny


    There are a total of 3 places you can install it on. If you're installing in on 'Storage', there shouldn't be any problems, unless you've got a ridiculously large amount of media on there.

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