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  1. Youpi when the next update comes? Could u give an exact date? I need a very stable Rom before selling my phone. Your Miui is stable enough but draining is too fast :(
  2. Only work with Link2SD but i wanna try the new LiquidParts app
  3. Yeah like thepasto :D Thepasto but 2048 isnt enough for me due to i have nearly 300 apps installed on my phone. What can i do? Another serious issue is battery. Like i mention about it drains too fast..
  4. And also i created 2048 MB new partition but with LiquidParts i can only choose A2SD. no chance for Data2sd and Dalvik2sd. (I have a class10 card)
  5. I have stock battery and also Mugen battery with 1550 mAh but on Youpi's Roms my battery drain is too fast. I test my battery with nothing installed on system but draining is fast too. My phone oc to 960 Mhz but when i use with 1130 Mhz battery drain is nearly equal except with stock 768 Mhz battery drain seems normal but fast enough. What can i do for better battery stats? (I calibrate my battery when i use a new rom) Which undervolt values and governor an I/O can u prefer guyz???
  6. Could u show us ur Antutu Benchmark results? I have nearly 2500 points with youpi666's Miui Rom.
  7. Does it support themes? I dont like its theme it looks iPhoneish.. And with using morelocale on miui i got chinese font on some situations does it has this issue?
  8. I cant overclock my liquid with voltage control or init.d scripts. I got bootloops. Could u use undervolted kernel ? Or port those values to this kernel?
  9. :D :D At least u can fix Call Led with previous lib files i guess ;) And one more question. Is Video decoding work with players like MxVideo Player??
  10. Great!!! Thx for updates after_silence ;) When u fix Call Led, video decoding and sensors i'll flash ur rom... Does it support overclock? or can u use undervolted kernel for Miui V4??
  11. I have a Class10 SD Card so not a big problem for me but cachesd script moves only cache2sd mine also on SD. I need data files to SD. I looked with S2E app it shows 155 MB data was full. Dalvik and other are on SD. Link2SD links data files, libs and dalvik also. Why that reboot issue happens? I have it on all Miui versions when i installed more than 150 apps
  12. Youpi where can i find that patch i couldnt find it :S I'm waitin ur reply for re flash...
  13. How can i find that patch and what's that for? I want only Link2SD because when i use link2sd i have 100 Mb free memory with 260 apps and when i use A2SD with 100 apps i have only 30 Mb free memory :/
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