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  1. I am trying to upgrade my sensation XE to ICS but whenever I try to install, there is a White Triangle with Yellow Exclamation point above a Blue Android ...and the only solution is to take the battery out....any idea guys???
  2. im using spb mobileshell and got quite a few facebook contact pictures. im running low on the main memory and it seems that spbmobileshells doesnt let you to save the contact pic onto my storage can anyone help please?
  3. i set that as any bitton ages ago but still, power button is the only one works when s2u2 is on... can anyone help pls
  4. i set my Omina to so that my phone can be waken up by any button however, once i install S2U2, it seems that power button is the only one which i can wake my phone up, even i set the 'but only blank screen' on!! any idea brothers???
  5. in S2U2, how can i pick which button to turn back from sleep??? on the button menu of the phone i selected all buttons but once i run S2U2, the phone can only be waken up by the power button
  6. the one i got is actually 6.032 and it just got all sort of problems that i basically give up where can i get 6.0??
  7. thanks mate...but i cant even turn the Tom Tom on... tried to tune up the GPS gate but still doesnt work
  8. i keep getting the following Unable to start. An exception occurred: Memory access violation can anyone help please?
  9. it is kinda weird, normally my phone can wake up by pressing any button when S2U2 is on but when i got the music player on, only power button can wake the phone up and than unlock it is there anyway to change it?
  10. i put Tomtom on my omina... i keep getting the following Unable to start. An exception occurred: Memory access violation can anyone please tell me how to solve it?
  11. sorry im being stupid but really have no idea i should do with that program actually i have tried to install TomTom when after my Omina had been hard reset but still, no difference does tom tom simply required hell a lot of memory???
  12. i put Tomtom on my omina... the program put about 7mb of file onto my device even i chose Storage... thats not really a big deal although i only got 10mb left on my device the thing is....i keep getting the following Unable to start. An exception occurred: Memory access violation can anyone please tell me how to solve it?
  13. try their new version 1.35 i used to have many problem with the old version but mostly solved by the new one
  14. tried both dont really like the fact that i have to turn on winterface before the auto lock kicks in, and it only kicks in after a minuter later at the earliest ThrottleLock looks good but it seems it doesnt support omina tho, may be i set it wrong, the start menu bar is in the middle of the screen when it is in portarit position any other recommondation my friend?
  15. i dont use keyboard hook on version 1.33 however...it is still bloody lag ....
  16. i have enough from S2U2...got 10 sec delay before i can wake my phone up! but i really love the slide lock feacture, and most importantly, it can auto lock my phone which other program got the same function???
  17. i moved from version 1.00 to 1.33 and the problem just doesnt wanna go away!! whats your configuration for your S2U2 and whats ur rom?
  18. apologize didnt make it clear enough before i installed S2U2, when my phone is in 'sleep mode' i can press any button to wake my omina up and i would have the response within a second however, after i installed S2U2, regardless i press power button or any other, it takes more than 10 seconds before the device wakes up. the worst thing is when there is a incoming call, it takes more than 10 seconds for the phone to vibrate and ring. before S2U2 i only have the typical 2 seconds delay problem can anyone help me please?
  19. after i installed S2U2, it takes more than to wake it up once it asleep anyone got the same problem???
  20. i created a shortcuts for some exe file but omina says it is not signed with a trusted certificate.... but i can run it perfectly though file explorer anyway to solve it out (if not, anyway to remove it from the program list?)
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