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  1. deadphill

    January OTA analysis and discussion

    All sounds good Paul. What advantages are there for root now that we can move apps to the sd card? Being a bit naive here but my own uses for root have never been that great. I can only think of running a VNC server to the device as something I may wish to have root for. Interested in yours and others thoughts. Cheers Phill
  2. deadphill

    Got my Hudl 2 Update

    Hi No not at all. I dont want to go down that route unless i absolutely had to with the storage issue. Nothing I can think of that I want to do except running a VNC server perhaps requires root. I assume if you have root access, you probably need to return to non root access to apply the update, if I have properly understood what I have read recently. Cheers Phill
  3. deadphill

    Got my Hudl 2 Update

    Looks like Paul was right! If it does what it says and sorts out the storage issue I won't have a need for lollipop and to return it if it actually charges whilst on... which just before downloading the update actually appears to have started working again! Good luck to the rest of you. One thing I found is that when I pushed to check for an update, it kept defaulting to October last year as the date I last checked for updates... even though I have been pressing the button all morning! One last thing, this did not find an update until I was over 50% battery so might be worthwhile keeping an eye out on that one. Cheers Phill
  4. deadphill

    found hudl2 compatible flash tool via fastboot

    DId Paul not sacrifice a Hudl 2 when he was rooting? Maybe that could be a candidate, assuming he still has it? Cheers Phill
  5. deadphill

    Technical remote support app for hudl2

    I think if you root it, you can install a VNC server which should accomplish what you are looking for. It would be very useful if this area of Android ever gets sorted without the need for root, but in lieu of this I think it is possible. Good luck with your endeavours. Cheers Phill
  6. Andreas have you returned it to the store? I am unfamiliar with support when it comes to a Nexus device direct from Google however I did a little search and there is a whole area for Nexus support. You can find this here: https://support.google.com/nexus/topic/3415522?hl=en-GB&ref_topic=3424348 Macjim Again a little search came up with http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_flo . This should help with installing cyanogen mod. As for installing Ubuntu, I found this: http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/how-to-install-ubuntu-touch-on-the-google-nexus-7-1142801 Id be extremely interested to know your thoughts on both, in case I should decide to update myself! Cheers Phill
  7. Nope, looks like its just you and me then!! Cheers Phill
  8. Been waiting in anticipation of some posts on this device. I have had it for a few months now and I have traded in my iPad2 for this device. Does everything I want and I am pretty happy with it. But I thought being a popular device there would be a bit more talking about it around here!! I am stepping up, but really I don't have any problems with it so I guess I should ask is anyone doing anything funky with it, have they found any killer apps etc. Come one guys, I cant be the only one!!! Cheers Phill
  9. deadphill

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Cant wait to get mine. Looking forward to all the applications that these awesome devices can do. Im using an iPhone 4s but still have my trusty T-Mobile Pulse when I need to use something android!! Cheers Phill
  10. deadphill

    freaking Bytel Rom

    How hard would it be to solder a new connector onto it. I don't think its that different is it? Anyone who has had their phone apart able to help? Cheers Phill
  11. deadphill

    Help choose our MoDaCo charity for 2012

    I nominate the Multiple Sclerosis society. Cheers Phill
  12. deadphill

    Google Is Buying Motorola

    Guys This is off topic. Please keep the conversations in the right areas. Cheers Phill
  13. deadphill

    Google+ What do you think about it.

    Moving as this does not belong in the blade forum. Cheers Phill
  14. deadphill

    Norwich MoDaCo Meet? Who's in?

    about time, you have been threatening to do this for ages Paul. Be good to put a face to a name, especially after all these years!! Cheers Phill
  15. deadphill

    San Francisco Banned on Three

    Three only ban the sim eventually if you are using a 2g handset. The blade is a 3g handset and therefore will not be banned. Just make sure use 3g networks is enabled. I would also try another sim. If all this fails perhaps walk into a 3 shop or (sorry to suggest this) phone 3 customer service? (again sorry!) Cheers Phill

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