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  1. andromedia

    Taskbar makeover

    I was wondering is there a way to keep the greyish 3G icon permanently? Apparently, the version 3 greyish 3G icon on the taskbar will automatically change to a big 3G logo in blue... and that doesn't look nice... any advice?
  2. andromedia

    NEW! ShootMe! V2.6 and V2.6NS

    Added a "treat" to the shotgun. It happens randomly so use the weapon until you find it! wink.gif "I'll be back" voiceclip by Arnold from the movie Terminator... cool... :excl: But the UI doesn't appear correctly in landscape mode... the gun (Uzi) got sort of distorted... like broken into 2 pieces...
  3. I believe maf107ezk0 obtained that screen shot using the #0*# diagnostic tool. maf107ezk0, what ROM version are you using? I knew that certain has this issue. I used that wonder if it happens only to my Omnia or was it due to certain other issues. After flashing a few ROMs, I can be certain that this is ROM related. Try using Taril's custom ROM. That should help resolving your screen touch issue... Good luck...
  4. andromedia

    Easy GPS install and run?

    Natsirt, I believe you are looking for Australia map. Perhaps some Aussie members here can point you to the right direction in getting Garmin maps for Australia. But before that, did you configure your hardware correctly? GPS hardware settings for Omnia :- Under Start Menu -> System -> Settings -> External GPS, under Programs, GPS program port is COM3. Under Hardware, GPS hardware port is COM9 and baud rate can be 9600 or 38400. Works either way. And next, under Access, check the box. That should enable Garmin to detect your hardware properly. You should at least get "Aquiring Satelitte" even without a lock or map... if you can't get that, then you need more help than just these...
  5. andromedia

    Omnia Suddenly died?

    Try hard reset...
  6. andromedia

    Omnia battery life

    Well, when I was on HJ1, my battery could last between 2-3 full days with moderate usage... It's still more or less the same with the latest custom ROM from taril... Just a note... I have once hit a 5 full days usage with 1 charge. Just phone calls and text messaging, no multimedia files playing, no bluetooth, no GPS, no games and no flight mode at night... :)

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