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  1. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    Thanks urban china that version of cwm does cure the problem with charging the phone when it is off which has always annoyed me since I got the phone and used the version of cwm which was the only version I could find.
  2. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    I was using the standard rom minus the chinese apps for a while but recently switched to the Badu based roms for the 8255d G330 and they are much more smoother worth ago if you like to tweak your phone. There is a similar topic in here for the g300 and the process is very similar to remove alot of the chinese apps you can find the rom on www.romzj.com I am using the offical version 2.0 rom which I found to be better then the more recent 2.1 version just out for chinese new year. Worth doing a nandriod backup of your apps and restoring them once you have flashed the new rom.
  3. Thanks very similar to the apps I already deleted by experimenting,...... ..... works the same on the G330d I did update to the 2.1 rom (chinese new year version) for the G330d but found it less smoother then the v2 I am amazed how much more free memory it has released on the 330d v the huawei based 956 / 95X / 94X roms . You can also download some of the themes and experiment until you find the ideal look for your phone.
  4. After reading about this rom on the G300 I gave the G330 version ago from www.romzj.com and it definitely is a more smoother experience then the stock roms currently running v2.0 of the badu rom but takes a while work out what can be removed because alot of the BADU core stuff is needed. Battery life has improved alot along with the badu rom and the memory utilisation has also improved alot. I tend to use nandriod backups alot switching roms but agree setting it up again after a reflash of the latest version is a real pain as all the chinese apps get reloaded again.
  5. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    The office huawei firmware does ..... but I used the jellybean keyboard as the character layout is better. As urban china says it may be wort keeping a copy of dload on the SD card incase the phone is bricked again similar to G300. Then to recover he just needs to hold the v+ v- button down i.e in the middle to run the recovery. You will have to root / load CWM again but you won't have to unlock again.
  6. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    If your phone isn't booting there isn't much except using the fastboot etc type commands to flash back your boot.img ( if that is the problem) did you have update.zip in dload on your sd card? What have you done to stop your phone from booting ? If you phone is discovered when you boot then you may be ok
  7. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    Download the lastest gapps from goo I think it is gapps-ics-201204-29-signed.zip for this version of ics, Once you have cwm installed and the phone rooted you can flash gapps and get the playstore installed.May be also worth using titanium backup to remove some of the chinese apps
  8. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    Sorry don't come on here much I thought this thread was dead, I have been more focused on my N4 I run this rom http://www.romzj.com/resources/other.html?view=rom&id=6383&layout=default and removed alot of the chinese software via titanium and then slimmed down the rom until it was stable and fast. I tried most of them but found this one to be the most stable don't worry all the chinese roms have english may be worth doing a nandriod backup and then restoring the apps. The only down side to this rom is getting rid of that horrid desktop image , I also found some strange behaviour with colours when running the stock browser but as I use chrome I have learned to live with it. I also run the xda DS battery saver which has made a big difference with the battery performance takes a bit of tweaking . Playing with the CPU speeds and governers doesn't seem to work well with the stock rom so I suggest leaving that but feel that a new kernal is what the phone needs as the performance is there but the optimisation is poor at the moment with the standard kernal.
  9. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    This is just re-flashing the gapps file via CWM for 4.04 I think it is version gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip
  10. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    Might be safer to use the Titanium with root removal method instead of deleting files using Root Explorer. I tend to backup the files first before uninstalling them using Titanium backup.Might be also wise to do a full backup from CWM to your SD card once you have rooted you phone. As a final recovery point it also may be worth downloading the Huawei ROM ( you gave the link in an earlier post) and have this on your SD card in case you need to do a forced recovery. Copy the dload folder from the Standard Huawei 953 to your SD card just in case
  11. experiment626

    Buying a new phone: G300 or G330?

    I have both ,the Nexus 4 is the better phone quad core / 2gb ram makes this phone very fast, response and customization is excellent on this phone ,if you have to choose one phone the the Nexus 4 has alot of development going on for it and is a very good andriod phone. For me the bigger screens coming a pain as they get bigger and bigger 4.7 inches on the Nexus4, I owned the Samsung note before but got tired of lugging it around . I use the G330 day to day for work as it has dual simm and is only a 4inch screen so is easier to hold unless you have humongous hands. The G330 is a step up from the G300 had 2 G300's before. The G330's screen definitely looks better then the G300 and being a dual core it is much more responsive. The G300 was very creaky and felt less robust , the G330 feels alot better made and doesn't creak when you squeeze it phone construction is a step up from the g300 . Customization for this phone at the moment is asian based as this phone was released in the asian market a few months ago.Saying that the amount of roms for this phone v other chinese phones is greater at the moment, check out romzj.com so the phone has potential. All of the ROMS I have tried have english so it is a case of using titanium backup to take out unwanted bits. The stock huawei roms are available for china unicom which contain english so you can always go back to stock , but you still need to customise or remove the chinese apps. I have managed to customise the phone quite a bit (google translate if your friend).
  12. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    The ROMS do support english I tried a few including the one you posted but decided to stick on the viper 4 one which was a detoxed / optimised version of the 952 china unicom rom. I reran Antutu benchmark v3.03 on this rom and get 6486 v 5888 on the huawei stock 931 ROM.
  13. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    Yeah np had enough scary moments on the G300 but the G330 is very similar . Ran a full backup via CWM first time I made any changes although I have made some progress managing to change the boot up screen to a Huawei Ascend logo and have made some other - a good forum where there are alot of custom roms is romzj not sure if you have dropped by there to take a look. What firmware version are you running I am on U8825DV100R001C17B931SP01 noticed there is a B953 out on the chinese huawei site but held off flashing it because I am not sure if this contains the english language files . I managed to extract some apk's from some of the custom roms and applying some of them seem to improve the phone eg. the camera app which on B931 can't run panaroma (applying the later one runs panaroma without crashing). I am getting about 1d 6h out of one charge but not using dual simms this can be pushed to 2 days with moderate use at the moment but I think I need charge it a few times as I only got it last Friday. Also have you bench marked the phone I get 5888 on the new Antutu app ...... I agree I think a G330 forum is needed.
  14. experiment626

    How to Root Huawei G330

    I got my G330 rooted / unlocked and installed gaps / google play nice little phone feels alot smoother guess because of the (dual core) over the G300. I can confirm it isn't creaky like the G300 and feels very solid. The screen is very clear but a step up from the G300 I noticed a bit of back light bleed on dark blacks but have been using this over my Nexus 4 the last few days so have been comparing it to the Nexus. Thanks Urban China for the top on deleting the ogg file. The start up "mans" voice gets very annoying .I am trying to change the boot up logo but not much luck as yet . Spend yesterday stripping off most of the chinese apps using titanium backup.Was suprised how easy it was to unlock / root ....
  15. experiment626

    Huawei Ascend G330. Successor or Epic Fail?

    I just went for one of these after having 2 previous g300's , loved the g300 and the amount of development that went on with this handset. With talk talk taking offering this handset it won't be long before other carriers pick up on it although the current reviews on the handset show the handset to be mediocre .I don't expect price will be sub 100 when it comes out on payg. I also got a nexus 4 in the google play fiasco last month development initially was slow but there are quite a few custom roms / kernals appearing after about a month after general release, so expecting ( hoping) the g330 to goes the same way. The g330 definitely needs the current software optimised for the hardware ........

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