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  1. this is for me the main reason to not use wm6.5. i just want to see upcoming (more than 1) appointments directly on screen. if they'd just made the wm6.1 panels a bit larger (fingerfriendly) i would be the happiest man ever :D i just don't understand why the non-touchscreen version of 6.1 is so perfect for touchscreen devices. i.e. why don't we have the sliding panels?!?!?!?!?
  2. i've been using the 24 phone sound for text messages for a long time. although a lot of people use that one and i sometimes grab my phone while i'm not the one getting a text, i still like it: clean and simple. btw for people looking for a nice RING tone, i can recommend an edit of wim mertens - often a bird, you'll know what part to use when you hear it <_<
  3. okay after some research and two hard-resets because of the use of wrong versions, i finally found this 'xplode version edited by n2a' and it seems to work. now trying out hhc <_< this is great because you can still use the windows today plugins as well (i like tasks and appointments to be shown). what are you using to show the headlines there? cheers!
  4. how did you get htc working on the omnia? what version are you using exactly? i tried both 2.1 versions from pocketemu, but the htc screen just won't show up. even though it's a relatively old ui, i think i like it the most because of it's simplicity.. but.. i can't get it to work <_<
  5. i mean a wm6.5 as microsoft meant it :excl: i assume you guys just incorporate the latest sys and xip in an existing omnia rom (AI2 still latest?) and thats fine with me. i dont really have a problem with m2d, but i dont use it so its a waste of space for me. the most important thing is that i dont want all other stuff removed... and ofcourse its always nice to have fl and .net and other apps (google maps/opera?) updated :excl: i hope you understand what im looking for (rom with nothing deleted just everything 'updated'). if you find the time somewhere in the future to cook this, i would be very thankfull! :excl: cheers guys!
  6. wow, i've been away for a while and now all 6.5 roms are out... cool :excl: but noone seems to release a standard, pure 6.5 rom. is it possible that you also release a non-edited (except for bug fixes etc.) 6.5 rom in the future? i would definitely use that one :excl: keep up the good work!
  7. i dont want to make a new thread for this, so let me hijack yours B) i recently read an article in a computer magazine about a new keyboard input method for touch devices made by the designer of t9. it does not work with tapping numbers and letters but by sliding across the keyboard from number to number and letter to letter, creating words. have you guys also heard about this and does anyone know if it is already out there? i would really like to try it on the omnia because i think it would work very nice compared to tapping :( cheers!
  8. sztupy, the optimizer, seems to work fine. i only tried the task for all execs in oemapps though... it gave a few remarks that files were either already compressed or uncompressable. these do not show up in the warning log, but that would be nice :) also, although you select the task for the execs it states everywhere that it is the task for the codecs... i know it's not a biggy, but still... just two notes for the next release :D
  9. as you can see in the system core list posted by sector there are even 21143 files. i don't want to call them fake and i believe they are pre-pre-beta-beta files of the possibly upcoming wm6.5. i think we'll hear more on this on, what is it... february 19th? i'm not so far into this that i'm able to combine files from different wm versions etc, so i'm not even going to try it :) i, myself will patiently wait for a proper and stable (and hopefully from microsoft self) release, not so far in the future. gonna try the optimizer tomorrow on my basic 20270 rom (only on execs in OEMApps for now) :D
  10. thank you both for your answers, i will go more in-depth at xda :) if it's too complicated i'll leave it as it is, it takes less time to do it manually after a rom update, than to figure it out i guess...
  11. ok, the rom works. now that my mates phone is not bricked i dare to take the leap myself :D :) can someone please tell me what the difference is between the initflashfile, the cscconfig.reg and cscconfig.xml? they all point to programs and reg keys, but what is the technical difference between them? what do they do? i noticed if you remove plumsip and online widgets the cscconfig.xml is reduced to nearly nothing (only a reference to dice and a couple of other lines). so what's the use of this file, can't it be "incorporated" in cscconfig.reg somehow? also, where can i find the registry settings for customer feedback and error reporting, the same as the cab warnings (which is an option in syok) i want them disabled by default. and finally, can you just add and remove themefiles (.tsk) in the sys/windows folder without changing any references of some sort? and how can i make it the default one (i think it now normally uses samsung theme 2 when you first boot the rom). if i know this, i'm done. i don't need to change more for my likings :) thanks in advance guys!
  12. mostly the same as the roms before. if you don't use power consuming apps at all it will last up to 5 days easily. if you use it to check email and if you use internet occasionally it will probable last up to 3 days. if you heavily use it and if you use push email it can be drained in a day :)
  13. now i'm going more indepth on editing .rgu and initff. am i correct if i say that this task is not fully correct for ai2? the scope for the initff should be cut back from OEM/OEMApps to just OEM, because the initff is in OEM_Lang_0409. at least, then it works for me :) edit: oeh, and there should be a space between share and pix in the init line! lol, i'm getting the hang of it.
  14. jeah i know, but i just call them/see them as errors because in most cases it is a faulty task (not really faulty, but not updated to ai2). i now removed the file manually, and updated the task. the roms is nowhere near clean as other clean roms, but i just removed the REALLY unneeded parts (for me that is). and updated fl and .net. man, everybody can do this (and should do this) within a day! :)
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