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  1. What's the difference between the HTC S720 and the HTC S730? ;)
  2. Here's a similar Wiki entry for SanDisk MiniSD memory cards - Spot a Fake SanDisk ;)
  3. It says in the following thread, VITO CopyPaste, free applet for unlocked Smartphones that putting the application in the startup folder is not recommended, is there any reason behind this? :) It's a great application :D
  4. hankejh, you could try the Load to background program which makes Tornado PowerControl a background process and it will not appear in task manager. However it doesn't always work 100% for me because sometimes if I press the back button on my homescreen, Tornada PowerControl will appear but most of the time, this doesn't happen. It's well worth trying this program out :)
  5. duke_stix, that's the way I performed the hard reset to my phone :) The Doctor, I managed to fix it using your method, thanks! :D I tried WMP playing through the loudspeaker which I couldn't hear anything until I tried using the paper clip inside the headphone socket, it started playing through the loudspeaker but if I took the paper clip out, it would stop playing and as you said, a good hammering fixed it, thanks again! :D
  6. I've tried playing music in WMP with the headphones in and then taking them out to hear music from the loud speaker but nothing can be heard from it, I've tried several times along with changing profiles when the music was playing which doesn't make any difference. This is with the volume on its highest :)
  7. Hey all, My i-mate SP5 is currently being quite problematic :( It suffers from the following problems: 1. Speaker and microphone are not working where I'm unable to speak to anyone on the phone although I can send and receive SMS messages fine. I can hear through my headphones fine if that makes any difference. 2. Profile not being remembered, everytime I turn on the phone, it doesn't set profile I setted it to :) 3. Down button (joystick) doesn't always work I did a hard reset yesterday and these problems are still happening :D Can anybody please suggest any fixes for my problems please? :D Thanks :P
  8. In the latest stable version whenever I pressed the start button, the screensaver would show the time and date (my own settings). In latest beta version, I would have to press the start button a few times to get the screensaver to show but then it disappears quickly and shows the homescreen instead. Is there a specific setting in latest beta version to do what latest stable version used to do? :rolleyes:
  9. I haven't installed any software or tweaks in the past few months or so when the problem started to occured last week. The only programs I have running in the background is OmapClock and TornadoPowerControl, are these known to cause any problems with notifications?
  10. BigAl94, the link is in the first post of this very thread.
  11. This problem has been happening recently, when ever I receive a new SMS, my SP5 doesn't notify me by showing the SMS logo on the homescreen but it does vibrate when I received an SMS. I assume that I have no new SMS's because the logo doesn't appear and unfortunately this leads to extremely late replies! When the SMS logo doesn't appear, I check my messages by pressing the messaging button on the keypad and it'll show how many new SMS's I have in brackets next to SMS on the list which it usually does. Is there a fix for this? :D
  12. Amit, you can try out Tornado PowerControl which changes the clock speeds on bootup and also when the phone is idle (screensaver).
  13. I've attached the application in this post :) OmapClock_v0.2.zip
  14. Alph, have a look at this website which it tells you how to unlock the security lock on your phone :)
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