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  1. Hi guys, it's been a long time since I visited this old thread of mine. :D I'm sorry to say it but I won't support this thread anymore... I think you already got it anyway. :D I've been travelling for the last months (since April) and since August I moved to HTC One X, but after being dissappointed by it, sold it, and now I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Titanium Grey) and I must say that I'm loving this phone, everything about it it's just amazing. So, if you want to meet me, I'll be visiting the XDA Note II section or the Modaco Note II section. Thank you for all the support!
  2. HERE man, hope it helps! ;) And... save the file, you'll never know when you need it again. Very useful in case you encounter the bootloop problem.
  3. Hi guys! I bought this phone three weeks ago and since then I've been playing with it. It's my first Android experience, until now I was a WinMo fan. Everything good so far, but I have a little concern: right after I started to use my phone the OTA update notification appeared and i successfully updated to the version in the screenshot: . But my version is Asian, I think, because I have Singapore and other countries nearby, but the problem is that I live in Romania. :D I bought it over the internet and that may explain this problem. It's not quite a problem, the device is in english, but I just want to change to Europe version. Now, I tried some methods posted over xda forum, something with boot menu/recovery mode... so I can't change the region to Europe one, to have for example 1.29.401.11. Not to mention that recently a new version for Europe users is already out and I am stuck with this asian version, because for this region no update is available yet. Just to mention: my phone is not rooted . So, what can I do to change to the Europe soft version? If it is already posted somewhere, please guide me, and forgive my ignorance . ;)
  4. O sa-ti raspund in engleza, sa-i respectam si pe ceilalti. You'll have to install an app called Wisbar Advanced Desktop 2, or simpler WAD2. Then you click on the downloaded theme and the system will ask you where do you want to install it. By the way, it is better that you install WAD2 on My Storage. I know I have it installed there and the theme is made with these paths and if the theme doesn't see these paths, some things might not work. It's about the files' location, pictures, etc. It's simple, I say.
  5. Hi! 1.I don't know how could I help you with that, you might do a search around here... I didn't get my nose into these stuff lately. :D 2. The automatic installation process is there to help you. It installs the "gumi" cab only after a rom is flashed or after a hard reset. It doesn't run everytime you restart your device. If it does, it is something wrong, reflash the rom. So, to go back to what I said, this process helps you with automatic file installation after a rom flashing or after a hard reset. That is just a demo. I mean you don't have to manually install every program after a hard reset. It automatically install them for you. :) For further explanation of how this stuff works see the bottom of the first post. The test gumi installation can be uninstalled later.
  6. Ok here it is, but there are some modifications in the Windows 7 theme since the screenshot you quoted: I tried to simplify the desktop, so I removed some icons like the clock, the Wi-fi and the lock ones. I removed them but they can be accessed with a slide: if you slide left the Samsung Data Manager will appear, so you can access the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode, and thus the icons don't fill the desktop. If you feel like locking your device just slide right and S2U2 will lock the device. If you slide down you get access to the Windows Start Menu. It seemes more functional, right? Note: for these slides to work you have to have the Samsung Data Manager and S2U2 installed on main memory. Now, besides this theme I attached some screenshots from my latest Android theme, based on an older Android theme created by Koma at mobilecustom.fr. But, besides the clock, it is completely changed. I tried to make a Ice cream Sandwich look-a-like theme. Some shortcuts are present in here: - if you press the weather icon, the weather page will appear, to return to desktop slide right on the weather page; - if you press the texts in the right of the weather icons, you'll pop to applications page, to get back slide right; - if you press the clock, you'll get the World Clock app, I placed it there since I use it for Alarms. - slides are present here too: right will lock your device using S2U2, left will bring you the Samsung Data Manager, and down the Windows start menu. The bottom buttons are for Resco Photo Manager, Memory panel, to monitor the memory, Messaging, Nitrogen, Resco Explorer and Opera browser. I didn't include a shortcut for Phone, like in ICS version, because one can access it from the answer key. I also placed the initial Windows volume status icon (as I didn't find any other) next to the battery in order to visualize the phone's status: on/silent/vibrate. Note: If you have the Lite rom there are greater chance for some shortcuts to not work, as some apps are not present in the Lite roms. WAD2 must be installed on My Storage, otherwise some program paths won't be found. Some of the icons/shortcuts might not work as your WAD2 will not find the icon/program location. Also, you'll have to modify some texts, like the home town in the left of the weather and in the weather panel. I also attached the Android skin (modified by me, not the initial release) for P.H.O.N.E.X. I brought you all these assuming that you have some minimum skills to work with WAD2. Enjoy it! Windows 7 modificat.rar Android modificat.rar P.h.o.n.e.x. Android skin (modified by me).rar
  7. The font used in my roms is the standard one. I didn't change it to something else. I don't know about the sound delay. It sounds ok to me. But if you have (or know about) a fix, I'll take a look. ;) @rbasis: glad you worked it out. It seemed strange to me, because I tested it when I reintroduced it and it worked, you could see in a previous roms screenshots that the option was available. But now that you solve it, it doesn't matter anymore. ;)
  8. It is still included in my roms. But you can get it from Here! Regarding your question: these roms have some minor improvements... the build is pretty much the same in terms of speed, stability, etc. But I chose this latest build for my phone. ;)
  9. In the Lite version Java is not included. So you must have updated with the Lite version, that's why is not working for you. It is described in the 1st post of this topic what is and what is not included in every rom (in the previous release's description).
  10. @seisman: man, I only have the files as .ext files, for my kitchen. For what you want I must repack every app into cab. And I don't know if it's worth the effort, you may find everything here or on xda. Of course, you may not find those files just like mines, since I modified almost everything to my liking. :D But you can get the "official" version from there.
  11. @omniabear: Hi! In order to update your phone to my latest rom you will need a data cable. Then you'll need: to install Samsung Modem Driver for XP/Vista (or 7), that depends on your system you got on your pc; and GrandPrix (if you're using Windows 7), the program to introduce the rom parts you get from my links. For XP you use the downloaded .exe, connect the phone, reset it from the top hole and let it finish... when you see the "Job Done" message you can unplug the phone. In Windows 7 you must use the GrandPrix, introduce the eboot and pda parts in the given fields of Grandprix, check detect phone automatically, connect the phone, reset it form the hole, and the flashing process starts. My rom contain the apps specified in the description, that means you'll get them after flashing. Your Windows Mobile version will be 6.5. after flashing. And yes, that is my latest version. If you have something placed on your Main Memory (not the 8/16 gb) you should save them on My Storage (the 8/16gb one, iwrote it like this because I don't know wich memory version you have), because the main memory will be wiped out, contacts and messages also.... the My Storage remains intact after flashing unless you mess with the downloaders and check "Format device's internal large disk" or something like that. I repeat, to make sure you understand, don't check this option because it will erase your 8/16 gb memory too. If you want to do that, you can check it. For contacts and messages you can use a backup prgram to save them and restore later, because you cannot simply move the to your storage like other files. Good luck! If there's anything you didn't understand don't hesitate to write again here. ;)
  12. You have to be connected to internet via Active Sync or Wi-Fi or something. Have a look at the screenshot, notice the message and behind it the available time. So, it's not a bug, you'll just have to get more familiar with your phone. :D
  13. @banyu_putih: I don't think you can't send messages, I know I do... if that was your question... I didn't quite understand. @seisman: I don't remember man... I use p.ho.n.ex. for some time now and it doesn't vibrate to me. :D @Javier Nuñez: Sorry! It's kinda complicated and I don't really cook lately. @he-man86: in the Normal version Adobe PDF reader is included. Not in the Lite version. I think that was your request, I assumed, it wasn't too clear. :) Please explain better if you meant something else.
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