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  1. I've seen a couple of settings like you mentioned but couldn't make it work. Do you know exactly what they should be?
  2. I've got HBH-DS970 and yes they sound fantastic, BUT no matter what I do I cannot get them to control Coreplayer on the Touch HD as they just control TF3D music player instead and I cannot change that, so I sadly never use them anymore as it's very frustrating. PLEASE if anyone knows how I can make these headphones control the tracks in Coreplayer I'd be really grateful to know.
  3. Yes it does but I have to admit it still seems to run better & smoother than my omnia.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, and yes, very valid point that not so many people will have had both I guess. Well, after seeing a thread on XDAD with a poll on the same question, 89% went with the THD so I decided that was a big enough hint. Got a brand new one on Ebay for £370 then unlocked it easily enough with an online service. What can I say - I really liked my Omnia and it was a great phone but the Touch HD is WAY nicer! Have already got it reasonably well setup, and that took me ages on the Omnia to get to a point where I was happy. Not messed much with the camera but the common consensus is that the Omnia one is quite a bit better. I can live with that though considered the rest of it is so good. Made the right decision but I sort of miss the Omnia too....
  5. Wow - 51 views & no responses. Did I say something wrong? I have had a look around to try and find threads with the answers I need, but to dig all that out could take a huge amount of searching so I was hoping to get some input. Thanks in advance if anyone does.
  6. Hey guys I've had my Omnia for quite some time now and have done a lot of messing around with it and I love it, but it has a few downsides. Notably that the GPS is very awkward to get working well (ie needs things like portsplitter/gpsgate etc to work properly) quite often. In addition the wifi is a bit weak. Two main reasons I like the idea of swapping to a Touch HD are the 3.5mm headphone socket and the bigger, better screen, but I'd like to hear ideally that both the wifi and the GPS work and work well without a load of mucking about, as they are both features that I like to use. Also, it would be really nice if the GPS will work well still without Agps, but not sure what the deal is there. There's a trick for the Omnia that helps that but no idea about other phones.... I don't expect to have no meddling obviously as it's a winmo phone :) , as long as the features will ultimately work well. Other questions I have are about the audio quality as an MP3 player, and how useful touchflo is compared to say SPBshell or Winterface (my two current favourites). Appreciate any answers to these questions - thanks. Jim
  7. Cretster


    Winterface is brilliant and it does EXACTLY what I want but my omnia runs very slow a lot of the time with it installed and that really spoils it. Any idea how i can improve this (without getting rid of it!!)? Would a lite rom help as I've been thinking about insyalling one....
  8. Cretster

    phone freezes because of G Alarm?

    Galarm freezes mine as well, but only if you hit snooze, then it freezes the second time the alarm rings. Also, the tilt sensor when you have the maze is quite often the wrong way round for some reason which makes it tricky to turn off when you're half asleep, unless of course it's meant to do that to wake you up more?!
  9. Cretster


    Guys - I've been trying to get TouchResponse to work on my Omnia but I can't. It says a soft reset is required after installing so I allow it, but I can't find the settings anywhere to use it!! I believe it's meant to be under Settings>System>Touch Reponse Settings, but this does not exist after the installation. Have tried installing both to device and my storage. What have I done wrong?!
  10. Thanks for the info Paul - very useful. Excuse my ignorance here, but what is the SDK needed for with regards to this? I take it there are elements that are not catered for by say VS2005 alone, but I thought that was a complete development package for a few different languages.
  11. Thanks very much for the replies chaps. I think I will start looking at C# then (like I have time!). Aside from anything else, it wouldn't hurt to know another language at work, but this is more for fun than anything. I understand the free (Express) studio does not allow dev for WM, but that a lot of it is similar. I'll have to investigate therefore exactly what I need in terms of software requirements in order to get started.
  12. Cretster

    "Hacking" the radio

    Thanks for the reply but if you read the other posts on this thread you would see we're already well aware of the fact the headset is the antenna, and that I'd like to be able to operate the radio functionality first, then worry about the signal second. I know you can tune in over the internet via Wifi, but this thread is not about that, and is as the title suggests, about the FM radio. Sorry if that sounds at all snotty - it's not meant to be, but I was trying to indicate in my last post that I'm not interested in people telling me "Don't bother because it won't work", I'd just like to find out the registry stuff that lets us meddle ourselves.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll do some googling later on them. Are there advantages to using one language over another, or do certain languages lend themselves to certain kinds of apps in any way for instance? I've read that Python is a very fast one to get stuck into and get results with, and that it's fairly simple to learn.
  14. Really? C++ is another one I do not know but I'd read it's not an ideal point for starting off and that it's more complex to learn than others I'd mentioned. Don't shoot me if that's not true - it's simply what I've read on other sites where I've been looking into this sort of thing.
  15. Cretster

    "Hacking" the radio

    For what it's worth, setting EarJackKeyValue to 1 opens the phone call pad. Any ideas on getting the play button to work with this? I'm keen to be able to use this functionality without the headset, because if we can make it work, we can then look at the issue of radio reception separately, ie discreet antennas etc. Even if people don't agree with the usefulness of making this work I'd be grateful of any continued input on how.

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