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  1. Hi Paul, speakerphone function is not working in jr6 with stock dealer EDIT: soft wipe fixed the problem
  2. Thanks for reply P., but unlisted files are in the same directories !
  3. Hi all, i just install Jr5 as my first Jelly Bean rom coming from cyano 9. I full wipe my gnex before flashing MCR but now Audio Players (stock and market) or Image Galleries can't find my old files but just new once (coming from a fresh camera shot for example). From pc browser and from adb shell files are in position and permissions are right. Any advice ? Thanks
  4. Hi Paul, do you think GN will never an get FM radio working app ? Thanks
  5. Hi Paul, i tried iconia a100 and i loved it's portability: is the archos 80 a lot bigger then acer? I compared specs sizes, but i prefer a "human" comparation :) Thank you
  6. Are there any new module/driver source inside or just updates ?
  7. Hi, it's coming from a leak so we'll have full BT and FM Radio ? We love you
  8. same precess but no gps fix. fr19 need hidden menu tweak too ? Thank's
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