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  1. quizesilver

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    hi gary, i got a prob here. the sms that comes in doesnt store. i juz go missing after i click on the icon. any advise?
  2. i hear say that there is not more new batch of OMNIA II, looks like the end of it?
  3. hi GC, maybe abit late. congrates on the getting married
  4. quizesilver


    i am from singapore but i dun use any singapore specific csc. i am using the XEU csc. if u worry abt the gsm connection. or ?
  5. quizesilver

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    able to update now but become a RED X follow instruction to update icon to HTC still cant. any advise?
  6. quizesilver

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    cant seem to be able to do update for weather...
  7. can someone share the download link to the rom?
  8. quizesilver

    I8000 casing

    ah.... thanks you Ender Psp and Jaguar645 for the pictures. haha pic speaks a thousand word! thanks you all for the feedback too! i like the ADVERTISING SPAM aluminum case but as some suggest it may be abit of problem to press on the edge... maybe the silicon case is a good alternative too. getting "sick" of some of the leather case that have a plastics enclosure that crack.
  9. dear all, would like to gather some interest of what kind of casing do you use? i was searching online and i saw these two. would like to hear you opinion too. http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/catalog/product_info....oducts_id=23123 this have a transparent plastic protection. http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/catalog/product_info....oducts_id=22574 this does not have the protection. what is your choice and why... i am "torn" between these two. with protection, make the usage of the touchscreen very troublesome. without the protection, make the touch screen open to "press" scratches etc. thus i would like to hear you opinion and what are u using? thanks!
  10. quizesilver

    Winrar in 6.5.5 roms

    winrar, u need to select the activate the file to read using rar. it is under the option
  11. quizesilver

    I8000 - WM6.5.3 Update 20 March 2011

    looks like there will be a new rom cooking soon ! yeah!
  12. hi GC, i got a prob, i try the jmloffset but i am unable to align it. i use 480x800 resolution and no matter what figure i use also no making any changes... any advise?
  13. quizesilver

    Asus Garmin m10 WM6.5.3

    that will be interesting ;)
  14. thks so there isnt any mean of finding the original mac address back?

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