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  1. Hi there - it all looks fine to me. I just came back from a trip abroad, hoping that this would snap the thing back to it's senses, but it hasn't - still roaming on home territory !
  2. The plot thickens. Putting the sim card into other (non-s710) phones and they are NOT roaming. Putting the sim into another s710 and the roaming symbol comes on again and the phone behaves as if it is roaming (warning messages on sync etc). T-Mobile say I am *not* roaming (which I clearly am not) So it's something to do with an interaction between the sim card and the s710 specifically ? Get a new sim card ?? Totally flumoxed. Pat
  3. Hi there, am in the UK on T-Mobile. Had a little excursion from s710 to Ubiquio 503G and have reverted to the s710 now. Long story ! However, the roaming symbol is on (the triangle) and I'm not roaming (unless they moved Wimbledon abroad!). I get the warning messages when sync'ing mail etc. Is this a phone issue or a network issue (or something else). I am assuming that I'm not *really* roaming as far as T-Mobile is concerned otherwise a big bill will surely follow ! Any pointers gratefully received. Thanks Pat
  4. Anyone have this problem ?? I have the security switched off for the time being, but that's a real worry if the phone gets nicked or lost ! Thanks Pat
  5. My Treo 750v has developed an odd / impossible trait in the last two days. I have the phone setup so that after 5 mins, I have to enter a 4 digit code to use the device -- part of the Settings -> Lock process. Usually, and inbound call would ring, I'd get an indication of the number etc, press the green phone button or the "Answer" soft key and talk away. Now what is happening is that the phone rings, there is no indication on the screen of the number, no "Answer" soft key and the green phone button will not answer the call. I get the security screen, type in my 4 digit code and *then* I can answer, unless the other person has already hung up in which case the phone just keeps ringing. I have not installed anything new, not knowingly changed any settings. Has anyone seen anything like this? Obviously renders the 750v pretty useless for taking inbound calls! Thanks Pat
  6. I looked at that thread but can only see US T-Mobile settings; does anyone have the equivalent UK settings ? Thanks Pat
  7. Hi .. thanks for the link .. something I am not getting though .. I already have signed up as per those instructions ( a few days back). Now that I already have this mail account setup (and Vodafone seem unable to delete it), what do I do .. If I try to register another mail account to the same phone number it seems to barf ... I had thought the solution would simply be to get the original account deleted, but 10+ attempts later with Vodafone I am still no further forward. Or do I still follow those instructions, putting the sim in another phone etc, and hope for the best ? Cheers Pat
  8. I have spoken to Vodafone (endlessley, to no effect!) about this. I cannot get any notification of voicemail on my TyTN .. have setup vodafone mail account etc. Dialing 121 and using the menus to set notification to SMS seems to be accepted, but then no notifications happen. Any ideas ? Vodafone have tried (and failed I think) to delete my mail setup, as when I try to do it from scratch it always complains of a Vodafone Mail account on the phone number I give it ! Help -- really stuck without notification ! Pat
  9. Sigh. I think you are probably right, sadly. To my mind, this is crazy, however ... perhaps in some future version there will be control over this ??
  10. All, With both WiFi and GPRS switched *on* (and both working) on the phone, how do I STOP the phone using GPRS for the Push E-mail (and costing money), when the WiFi is perfectly acceptable (quicker and free!). In the manual for the TyTn it seem to imply that the Push will always use GPRS over WiFi when both are enabled -- this seems bonkers to me ! If I have GPRS switched *off* on the other hand, it seems that Push will not work automatically over WiFi - I have to do a send/receive. Am I being thick, or have I missed the point somewhere ? Thanks ! Pat
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